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Titans GO

Yeah~~!!!! These people are from CartoonNetwork's version of Teen Titans!!!

In case some of you dont know these people. Those 2 girls are Starfire and Blackfire and they are sister. ( I'm sure you can guess who is Starfire and who is Blackfire)

And those people sneaking at the back are Cyborg (the robot man), Raven (the girl with blue cape), Robin (yeah.. he' s with the mask) and BeastBoy (that green face dude)

In this artwork, the sisters are not trying to do anything sexy alright~? They're just having an arguement.

This time I attempted to make a bright picture and it is soooo massed up -_-. Guess I need more practice.

and I'm totally screwed with the light direction.

Actually, many things are quite messed up in this pic -_-

Anyway, I'm happy with the lineart :D

Surely dark toned-pic is kindda easier do to I think~

All characters belong to CartoonNetwork's TeenTitans cartoon.
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Lesbian sisters? Yum!
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Starfire looks like she needs an adult.
ghostbusters5's avatar
I definitely want to make out with Starfire and Blackfire!
ghostbusters5's avatar
😍😍😍sexy and cute!!Good pic!
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Starfire's all like, get away from me, you bitch!
rosawooflombax's avatar
Beast Boy looks so embarrassed
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Blackfire: Get here, sister dear!
Cyborg: Man, this is totally going to be taped!
Raven: Umm... Okay?
Robin: Starfire?
Beast Boy: WTF DUDE!? (this should've been Robin's reaction)
Starfire (notices them stalking her): Sorry, friends. But on my planet a romantic relationship between two people of the same blood line is normal.
zaco21's avatar
Blackfire riding Starfire. Starfire's basically between her legs, being straddled.
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I wonder what they're arguing about? also dem skirts.
leatherskirtKitten's avatar
Dem skirts r very sexy =D
rosawooflombax's avatar
I've seen better, I've worn better, I'm a girl, I know skirts!
absolutely hot
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Nice work! Very sexy!!
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If they are not doing anything sexy, this picture certainly makes it look like they are.  Especially since both girls (or maybe women) are showing off their midriffs.
wiccansalem's avatar
oh come on now!

this picture looks great to me. I love how blackfire has her hand on starfire's chest and looks like she is about to kiss her. I know it sounds weird and all but yes this picture really does look really cute and sexy
you did a wonderful job on it. don't sell your self short on this art work.
xqueenjenix's avatar
Cyborg is such a pervet..
xXMaRTiaLaRCheRXx's avatar
why does she have two eyebrows?
awesome, but the weird thing is that they're sisters
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Please note: Cyborg has NO shame is this pic!Devilish 

Nice job, btw :D
goldenflowers1's avatar
I like how Cyborg's smiling and taking a picture
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