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Totodile Speedpaint

By rajewel
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A quick speedpaint to practicde some stuff. Not quite what i had in mind but its okay all the same. Subject inspired by this weeks DMAP over at pokefanclub

Sai 1.5 hours
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Now that's a totodile I would have loved as a Pokemon. Looks more crocodilian and strangely... sweeter? Wha- I don't think a crocodile is meant to look sweet, but for some reason this one does. Don't judge me! It's the smile! And the way it's eyes and the dark-toned background makes the angle of the eyes stand out too, which only makes it look even more cute. That's it. I need a psychiatrist. And a totodile. Right after I finish looking at all those pretty pictures. 
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omg this is very good La la la la 
I Love it Heart 
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wow wouln't this be feraligator instead???
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you just made my least favorite starter look cool <3 i love you. i love you so much.
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My favorite pokemon
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What brush did you use?
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likely just the "brush" tool in sai.
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I would DEFINITELY choose this Pokemon! It's badass without trying :)
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I guess you could say that's one snappy Pokemon.
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Amazing!!! that's my kind of pokemon haha <3
and the eyes is outstanding!
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I wish I could do that in 1.5 hours -n-
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Awesome piece. Really wonderful!!!
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i almost can hear the water's sounds excellent!!
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Very well drawn! I love your version of Totdile! So realisic! Looks like a real Crocodile~
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