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Ordinary Day on the West Coast
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Published: March 7, 2012
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So the DMAP event's pokemon this week was gastrodon. There is a west and an east form, which made me think east and west coast. I live on the west coast, so I thought "what would this area look like if pokemon were there instead?" This is the result.

I tried to include most pokemon I thought plausible to find in a temperate coastal environment, excluding 5th gen pokemon since they wouldn't be naturally mingling with 1-4th gen. Corsola is kinda pushing it, but oh well. There are sea-lions and seals around here so I decided to include spheal and sealeo, even if they're more cold water, but the water here is pretty cold... Lapras... lets just call it Ogopogo. Some aren't really to scale since well, I wanted them to be smaller. I didn't include any pokemon that although CAN live near the coast have a preference for fresh water (ie. squirtle) or would better fit into open/deep/norther oceans.

If anything this was a good bit of practice, what with character and background interaction, de-focusing on a single character and zooming out the camera. A little chaotic but oh well. It kinda reminds me of those find the animal books. How many shellders are there o_O? even I didn't count hah.

Not sure if I'll make a series out of this or not

For anyone wondering there are 20 different pokemon species in this picture (different evolution stages counted serperately).
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Seraphina16Hobbyist General Artist
Wonderful ecosystem, but considering your focus, you could have done something a little more with the gastrodon. I mean, sure they aren't very noticeable or particularly pretty looking creatures, but it needs a little more spotlight. On the other hand, the interaction is done wonderfully, with in my opinion (though to be honest, I am an amateur in both Pokemon and real life) balance and realism... or at least as realistic as Pokemon can get. 

Strangely enough, when I first looked at the picture, I had no idea they were actually Pokemon. It was only after I paid closer attention to your Starmie that I realised something was off. I felt like such a dufus. 
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CJCroenHobbyist Traditional Artist
So many things to love here, but the main one is that this is probably the first Pokemon fanart I've ever seen that portrays Pokemon as animals living together in an ecosystem. I think we need more of that, especially with all the potential Pokedex entries give in that regard.
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shafninjaHobbyist Digital Artist
Amazing. Love the Poke enviro interaction. Its a lovely piece
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Awesome! I love that little spheal lying on its side :aww:
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What I most enjoy about this piece is that the longer I look the more I see. The colours are just the right blend of softness and vibrancy to not overpower but still draw ones attention to just the right place. Sure the swooping pelipper and the lounging starmie are the first to be spotted yet, what is that? Is that a lapras out in the bay? Or perhaps the krabby being harassed by a curious wingull. It is nice to see such amazing diversity and a piece of art simply teeming with life. Very well done indeed :D
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TraheripteryxHobbyist General Artist
I love all the details and the realistic look of the Pokémon!
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Makes me wanna go to the beach. I haven't gone in years. >.<
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MidnaXShadow101Hobbyist General Artist
I have an idea for a drawing you could do, since it seems you're pretty badass at drawing Pokemon in my opinion, and making them look realistic.~ If you haven't already, you should totally draw an Umbreon.~ Awesome drawings. SPAZ 
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shadownecoHobbyist Artisan Crafter
being from northern CA I think this would be pretty accurate XD
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CrimsonFishyStudent Traditional Artist
ca? canada? XD if so, so am i XD
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shadownecoHobbyist Artisan Crafter
No California XD I lived about 2 hours from the Oregon border
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CrimsonFishyStudent Traditional Artist
shadowneco's avatar
shadownecoHobbyist Artisan Crafter
Na it's fine XD
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NintendomainHobbyist Traditional Artist
Haha, that spheal lying on the ground is like :iconlazycryplz:

This is really cool :D
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I only see 18!!! D: lol.... this is beautiful!!
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ah... 20!! XD those hidden staryu!!
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royalPHobbyist Digital Artist
Wow this deserves so much more than 2,000 views!!!  

Amazing concept, executed perfectly.  Just awesome!
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GDofSeattleHobbyist Traditional Artist
This is gorgeous! As a native Washingtonian, it reminds me of our wild ocean beaches. Just perfect! I feel as if I could walk right into it. Very nice touch with the subtly added Staryu way in the background and those Shellder and Cloyster on the midground rocks. I almost missed them.
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GDofSeattleHobbyist Traditional Artist
You have to look really close. The Cloyster are just below the Shellder on the rock to the far left in the midground. You can see they're different from the Shellder because they have tiny black orbs in their bodies.
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