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Once Broken King

By rajewel
Sorry for the quiet lately, but I'm not dead! 

This is a little personal piece that I've been poking at for some practice. Inspired by kintsukuroi pottery.
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© 2017 - 2021 rajewel
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Sorry that this is most of the comments you get on this piece, but this person is trying to sell your art:

Lion I am the son of the king who is not moved by
rajewel's avatar

Thank you for letting me know.

Artist-Kim-Hunter's avatar

Confirmed thief selling stolen art of another artist, this thief is selling your art here:

Licensed or stolen? They are using to sell stolen art. I would report to them and their host.

Repeat offenders get shut down entirely.


Also stolen?

Love your work :heart: All the best.

rajewel's avatar

Thank you for letting me know, I've reported them.

How do I purchase this piece of art ?

I am new to this page and looking to buy this for a friend .

i am not even sure of your style of art , just know that we love this piece !

rajewel's avatar

Hello there. The only place I sell prints of this is on my inprnt any other product online using this artwork is using stolen artwork.

Silverleone's avatar

Found another store selling your work. Hopefully, you can settle all of this. Art theft is disgusting. There is a report button near the bottom of the page as well!

rajewel's avatar

Thank you for letting me know, hopefully dealt with this one.

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I see so many facebook ads stealing this picture...

Silverleone's avatar

Oh! Finally found you! That took a good hour. Sorry to hear this image has been stolen, hopefully justice will be served! You've earned a follow from me.

Also, I didn't want to use it until I got permission. Is it okay if I use a recolored version for a fanficiton I'm writing? I won't be making any money off of it and I will give full credit, sharing the link to your page and everything.

If not, I fully understand!

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You should attack those thieves ! They steal arts and make benefit from them :(
Attack-At-Dawn's avatar
man, this lion's everywhere, but I couldn't find you, the original artist and poster, anywhere 8|
so glad I came upon this piece while looking up someone's favourites!
rajewel's avatar
Thanks for finding me! Yeah, this picture has unfortunately been stolen and used in a lot of stuff.
Attack-At-Dawn's avatar
That's actually one of the reasons why I've been searching for you.
I'mma send ye a note about it!
TalkativeTiaD's avatar
i am LIVID because this piece has been reposted EVERYWHERE and your watermark has been cropped out entirely!! it is being sold as prints! on shirts! on hoodies! if it werent for google search by image i never would have found the original
TalkativeTiaD's avatar
hey!!! did you know this is being sold on if its on wish im assuming you did NOT give permission

Nox-Sacera's avatar
I literally saw a guy wearing a shirt with this lion at work once...
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Matching title and piece!! Great job
DarjaSavarus's avatar
AMAZING WORK!!! I'm impressed!
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This is the coolest thing I have ever seen!
XxTraumaPainXx's avatar
Hello! I find your artwork extremely beautiful, and I was wondering if I'd be allowed to use it on this website for a page:…

The artwork I request to use is:…
I hope you'll allow for me to use your artwork, and I will definitely credit you, leaving a link to your profile on the page! Thank you for your time.
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