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A mini-bust for Lushiko of their Siamese cat character, Célèste.

Sorry for being pretty dead over here lately! Been mostly doing quicker things so hadn't been posting them here, but I am alive!

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Maaaama mia!:D Magnifico:)
ZombieFX's avatar
We had such an asian cat once. "Shiela"... pweettyyy eyes :)
Cibana's avatar
I love how powerful her eyes are shining, gives her so much soul.
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LacrymosaDiesIlla's avatar
This is gorgeous. I love the amount of detail that went into this!
brindlewoods's avatar
How can you draw like this ?! O.o
BlueVespur's avatar
How long do you usually spend on a drawing
rajewel's avatar
Varies drastically depending on the picture such as the level of finish desired or how complex the subject matter is. This one I think might have been around 5 hours, my most recent picture (the swimming dog) was about 3.5 hours.  The shaking werewolf picture was likely 20+ hours since I ended up doing a fair bit of learning and trail and error, especially if you count time researching. 
BlueVespur's avatar
Thats not bad, you must work fast, I really do love your work tho,the detail is nice. Thank you for replying to my question
ChocolateRiceBall's avatar
Wow! Excellent job, the fur looks so... pet-able. Beautiful eyes, too. 
Kao Emoji-04 (Cute) [V1] 
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wow u rock people u better watch him or her 
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OMG This is amazing!
Falcolf's avatar
Lovely eyes :heart:
Ryarie's avatar
Wow the eyes are wonderful, like the whole picture :o
802kmighty's avatar
It's a very realistic painting.What a pretty kitty!
ManiacalMew's avatar
Looks gorgeous! Those eyes are so... Eye catching!
bluerockzuko975's avatar
Wow! So beautiful :heart:
I love that blue eyes! *u*
ArtofaWhiteDragon's avatar
I just love the details here. The eyes, ears, nose, and fur... all of it is just simply lovely.
MustaPantteri's avatar
Wonderful details!
FiSilva's avatar
This is so beautiful ~
The eyes are so catching and the colours look amazing, like the blue reflection. So dreamy :heart:

You inspired me to try to draw my cat when I have time C:
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