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Vita Ball 2 Screensaver

I have created a screensaver.

Which i hope u gona enjoy !!

Unzip the file and place it in ur windows\system 32 folder.
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I love the screen saver what I would also really love is the wallpaper used to display the Vita Ball - I love it! Where can I find it
CRAZY VISTA LOGOS 2345678986543456!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1
CRAZY VISTA LOGOS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
ladybird2's avatar
does work for XP?
Burnt-Cheese-Pro's avatar

That is like the best screen saver i have and i have about 50!!!!
AliceSacco's avatar
Does it work for XP?
great stuff bro...thx for the download ..
gerre5's avatar
how did you do this? :D
LeChemiste's avatar
It's great, but how do I get it in? Not fiddling with System32 unguided again...
BWM's avatar
Looks great
yer and get rid of tryout but verynice!
i love it!

how do you make screensavers?
Looks good, thanks for download
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Great screen saver dude. But can you please take the tryout version off of it? Thanks.
Thank you all for ur support!!

Enjoy the screensaver, and I hope to bring some more good stuff for u all.
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Cool.....never seen now...
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Looks good, thanks for download. Jim
thanks dude... looks nice..
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