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Once again, I'm combining Inktober and Drawlloween! I'll be updating every day on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook, but I'll be updating here whenever I end up scanning a batch. It may be daily, may be every couple days, may be once a week.

Either way, stay tuned!
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I'll be at Ramencon 2017!

...not much to add. XD I'll have printed copies of the first couple HUGUS chapters, at least one new print, hopefully a few new buttons, and, of course, charms!

If you're going, stop by and say hello!

Update-y things:

-Kickstarter for enamel pins was a success! Waiting on digital proofs, but hope to open an online shop once they're ready and the backers receive their pins.

-It's almost October, and you know that that means: Inktober and Drawlloween! I'll be participating again and posting the results here. I'm hoping to gather all of the past few years into a book after this year!
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Short version: Hey, remember those li'l monsters? Tell me which 2-4 of these you like best!

Long version: Wwwwelp. I've been contemplating taking the plunge and getting some nicer somethings made. After a comment from my sister and nudging from my husband, I'm seriously considering making a couple of these into enamel pins. Problem is... I'm not sure which ones.

If I go the crowdfunding route, I'd like to get three or four of them pin'd (with others as potential stretch goals). If I end up just footing the bill myself, it'll likely only be one. So! Please let me know in the comments which 2-4 you would like to potentially see as pins.

Thanks!MonstersPinPoll by rajamitsu

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2016review by rajamitsu

A quick peek back at 2016's artwork. It's been an interesting year, to say the least. XD
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...welp, I kinda dropped the ball on uploading the rest of those Inktober pics. Hopefully should have 'em up this weekend? At least a handful more.


It's honestly been a pretty crappy year, but what'cha gonna do. Started with a large change that caused a TON of tension at my day job which was quickly followed by a death in my family and it all went downhill from there. Hoping 2017 will be a bit brighter all around. Looking ahead, it's... gonna be a really slow convention year for me. I'm unable to do Uchi-con due to my work schedule, Indiana Comic Con due to other potential spring and summer events (aka vacation time being eaten up due to other major life and work events), and I've not heard from ACen, so I'm guessing another waitlist year for me. Although, while frustrated with my lack of luck with the lotto, I've heard rumors another event I've been wanting to go to may be taking place the same weekend, so I may be skipping altogether this year.

But! I will be at Shuto Con and Indy PopCon in 2017 for sure, so there is that! I'm hoping I'll have a product I've been wanting to make for a while ready for Shuto. Fingers crossed it all works out time, money, and sanity-wise! I'll also be at Ohayocon in January. Won't be in the alley, but I will be presenting panels (mostly cosplay-related) with my husband!

I haven't had much finished artwork to share lately, but I do tend to post sketches and such a few times a week on my Instagram page, so be sure to check that out. My comic's also continuing to chug along. A few characters and scenes I've been excited to introduce should be popping up in 2017, so that'll be fun. :3

I have one of those retrospective image thingies all made up, but I'll give that it's own post this weekend.

I think that's all I had to report on? Have a safe and happy New Year!
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Fiiiinally got my scanner hooked up again, so I'll eventually be catching up on posting clean scans of various things here. Mostly Inktober stuff, but I have a couple random things as well. hand may have slipped a couple times during haunt season. *cough* I'll try to space out the postings a bit, tho', but preemptive apologies for any notification spam.

In other news, I did break down over the month and joined Instagram. I've been posting sketches and such, so if you wanna take a peek, I can be found there at

Also, if you follow my comic, things are on track to resume story-wise later this month, probably after Thanksgiving? If you don't follow my comic, you can find it at:
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It's that time again! My scanner access will be spotty for the next two weeks, so this year I'll be posting photos of my drawings each day, but uploading clean scans in batches later. So apologies in advance for any notification spam this month! I'll be following this list:

Anyhoo, feel free to follow along at any of the following:…
Dang, I have stuff to catch up on... So, here goes, in handy list form:

1.) First, as it's kinda time-sensitive, I submitted an entry into Threadless's Kubo and the Two Strings contest! My entry is currently up for voting, so check it out and give it a vote, especially if you'd possibly like to see it on a t-shirt!

2.) I will be vending at Ramencon September 23-25! I'll be near :iconkojika: and :iconranefea: and should have a couple new things. This'll be my last convention of the year, unless something last-minute pops up.

3.) It's almost October, which means Inktober! I'll be participating again, but posts here may be delayed as my internet connection may be a bit spotty at the beginning of the month. But! I'll at least be posting photos of them on my Twitter page daily, if you'd like to follow along.

4.) My webcomic turned one year old last week! Yaaaay!

:iconsamarusanddiver: and I will be featured panelists at Ohayocon January 13-15! Read the announcement and see a list of panels here.

I think that covers it for now? Whew!
WHEW. Okay. So, Indy PopCon is coming up and... there's a lot going on, so here goes:

  • I'll be in the artist alley at table number 628!
  • I will also be debuting some new DC ragdoll buttons, which I should be posting here this afternoon. (Please look forward to it!)
  • I will forewarn that I may not be at the table for a couple hours each day... because I'll be doing art live for Crit Confirm Entertainment's Endless Dungeon charity event. They'll be set up in room 120 all weekend. I'll be there Friday 4-8 pm, and both Satutday and Sunday from 1-3 pm. I'll be doing drawings based on in-game shenanigans, which will then be auctioned off for charity. There will be other guests artists during the event as well, so be sure to check it out! It's a lot of fun.
  • Also! I have illustrated one of this year's trading cards! It should be available at my booth. While you could poke about and see which one I've done (as in the card assignment list is out there), I'm gonna keep it quiet until the con. ;) I will say it's for one of the guests and I'm really excited about it.
  • Now... shoutouts! :iconsamarusanddiver: will be presenting his "Costume Construction Basics" panel in room 114 on Sunday at noon! He'll also be manning my booth when I'm at Endless Dungeon, so be sure to stop by and tell him hello. ;)
  • :iconkojika: will be in the artist alley as well, just down the aisle from me at table 634.
  • :iconkarmada: will be doing some of the art workshops, which you can read about on her blog.

I think that covers it?


...long time no post. Anyhoo! Things that are happening:

Indiana Comic Con -
April 29-May 1
I will be at table F20!
This is my first time even attending this con, so I am rather, in the words of Pinkie Pie, very nervicited. I have no clue what to expect!
I don't have anything 100% new to debut, but I will have a small batch of print copies of the HUGUS: Arcanic Academy prologue and... a Surprise Product. ;)

Anime Central -
May 20-22nd
Unless some miracle happens and I get an unexpected email, I will NOT be vending at ACen this year. I have a lot of feels on how things went this year, but I'll just tl;dr it to "not happy".

Indy PopCon -
June 17-19

On the bright side, I'm thrilled to be coming back to PopCon! While the first year was kinda "meh", I had a blast last year. Got another thing to announce with this one, but I'mma wait 'til a little closer to time. (Although if you follow the con on certain social media platforms, you may already know what it is I'm excited about.)

...aaand that's about it for now.
2015review by rajamitsu

Quick summary of my 2015 output. ...February is a bit of a cheat as I finished it in color in March. But the lineart was done in February, so it counts!
Hoo, long time no update here. Well, let's just get down to it, shall we?


2016 Con Season
Soooooo, 2016 is already looking pretty busy... Here's where I'm planning (or hoping!) to vend thus far:
-Uchi-con - Chicago, IL - January 30
-Shuto Con - Lansing, MI - March 18-20
-Indiana Comic Con - Indianapolis, IN - April 29-May 1
-Anime Central - Rosemont, IL - May 20-22 (Waitlisted, but guessing a no go - will likely just attend)
-Indy PopCon - Indianapolis, IN - Indianapolis, IN - June 17-19

Got a couple I'll be going to just for fun and have a couple more where I'd like to have a table, but I'll update when they open/when I actually apply.


Comics and Such
Yup. Still goin'. If you haven't checked it out yet, I've got a weekly comic up and running, which can be found at It updates every Monday.

So, speaking of, and tying in to the con season, I'm planning on having a small convention-exclusive comic available. I know it won't be ready by Uchi-con, unless I get a ton of inspiration and time, but I'm aiming for Shuto Con. If not that, then definitely ICC. It'll just be a silly little side story, but it'll only be available when I'm vending at cons.

But yeah! That should be a fun li'l thing. As they say, "Please look forward to it!"


Other Stuff
Also in the works for upcoming cons - Inktober book or books. I know I want to make a booklet of this year's Inktober pieces, but not sure about last year's. Debating just combining them in to one, but not quite sure just yet. Again, not likely to be done by Uchi-con.

Should hopefully have some new stuff by Uchi-con, maybe finally adding Twelve to my Doctor set. :P Also have some new comic profile art soon, which will probably be used for stickers and such.

Have some long outstanding projects to finish up, then... we'll see!

If I don't post before then, have a wonderful holiday season, whatever you happen to celebrate, and a great new year!
Been rumbling about it, but it's finally launched! Presenting:
BannerYellow by rajamitsu

The everyday happenings at a Midwestern college for the arcane arts.

Read it at
Watch for updates on Facebook or Tumblr!
Art related to the comic is in its own gallery which can be found here.

Page one went up today and page two will be up Wednesday. After that, there should be regular updates on Mondays.
As I rush to get a couple last-minute things finished, a quick ACen update/reminder!

I'll be in the Artist Alley at table F10. I'll have some new DRAMAtical Murder stuff and a couple of new-ish Magi buttons. I say "new-ish" as I've had them as stickers for a while, but spaced them as buttons. I'll also have a limited number of commissions available (depending on complexity), so be sure to stop by early if you're interested!

Also, be sure to visit these other awesome people at the con:
:iconnozomi-neko: (D21)
& :iconsakurawhisper:(F08)
:iconkojika: (F09)
:iconkarmada: (F11)

Fiiiinally, :iconsamarusanddiver: will be hosting two cosplay panels:
Sewing Men’s Clothing - 5/15/2015, 1:15 PM, Panel Room 14; D.E.S.C.C.
Costume Construction Basics - 5/17/2015, 11:00 AM, Panel Room 14; D.E.S.C.C.

Upcoming Conventions:

Anime Central - Rosemont, IL - May 15-17, 2015 (Table F10)
Midwest Toy Fest - Indianapolis, IN - June 6-7, 2015
Indy PopCon - Indianapolis, IN - June 26-28, 2015
Ramencon - Merrillville, IN - September 18-20, 2015

I'll also be attending a couple others this summer, but won't have a table. I'll hopefully get some cosplay shots, though! I've been debating Youmacon this year as well, but haven't decided for certain yet.

Anime Central!

If you're going to ACen, be sure to check out my awesome neighbors:
:iconranefea: (F08), :iconkojika: (F09), and :iconkarmada: (F11)

I'll also be doing a couple panels with :iconsamarusanddiver: at ACen. I'll update with dates and times later on.

Comment if you're going and leave your table number if you'll be in the alley!

This and That...

Slowly working on various artworks and hope to have a new button (and potential print) set done before ACen. I should also have at least one new print available specially for debut at PopCon.

Finally, hoping to get a big project finally started this summer, so fingers crossed.
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Yeah, not much to report at the moment. However, convention season's just around the corner, so here's a list of conventions I'll have tables at as Tiny T-Rex Studios:

100% Confirmed:
Shuto Con - Lansing, MI - March 20-22, 2015
Anime Central - Rosemont, IL - May 15-17, 2015
Midwest Toy Fest - Indianapolis, IN - June 6-7, 2015

Tentative (waiting on paperwork and the like):
Indy PopCon - Indianapolis, IN - June 26-28, 2015
Ramencon - Merrillville, IN - September 18-20, 2015

Hoping to get one or two more in there, but still waiting on info. That's the lineup for now, though. :)
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Welp, it's been a pretty up-and-down year in general, but not a bad one for me art-wise. I made a little thingie looking back at the year:

2014review by rajamitsu

I actually got a significant amount of stuff finished (for me, anyway), but it seemed to happen in spurts. I'd have a really productive month, then hit a slump the next.

Proudest moment? Actually finishing Inktober this year! I loved following the daily challenge and I think I got some great stuff from it. Hoping I can keep up the momentum and do it again next year.

Also was glad to participate in more artist alleys. I've already got two confirmed for next year (Shuto Con and Anime Central), but I'll likely be scaling back a bit and doing mostly local cons. We'll see what happens, though. :)
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Long time no update! My con season is done for the year (Youmacon happened - that's all I have to say about that) and most of 2015 is a big question mark right now. Eying a few shows, but nothing other than Shuto Con is set in stone.

So, in the meantime, it's back to the drawing board... literally. Have a couple projects slowly in the works, but nothing to announce right now.

I am planning on FINALLY adding Twelve to this:
Raggedy Doctors by rajamitsu
I'm wanting to add more characters while I'm at it, so all my Whovians, go take a peek at the poll and let me know what you think!
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If you haven't noticed from the daily postings, I've been doing both Inktober and the Spooky Art Challenge. I've been keeping up pretty well thus far, so I'm hoping I'll be able to keep it up. I've reached the halfway point, so it's looking good! The last couple, though, will likely be delayed due to...


Yup, the next con is just around the corner. I'll have details up, such as table location, as soon as I get 'em. I will have my sketchbooks for sale there! The books have a bunch of not-published-online sketches (and some that are) and a bunch of my ramblings about the two stories I'm hoping to someday make as comics (or potentially an illustrated story, in FT's case). 'course I'll have all the usual stuff, stickers, buttons, prints, and the like, too.
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This weekend, I'll be vending at Awesome Con Indy where I'll be sharing a table with :iconkarmada:! We did a little interview thingie for the con blog you can check out here. We'll be at table B5, so if you'll be there, stop by, say hi, and take a look at our wares! While you're there, also be sure to stop by and visit :iconkojika: at table E7. All three of us have some... well, awesome new stuff debuting.


I did manage to get my sketchbook completed, so, barring any last-minute disasters, I should have them at the con! There's some book-exclusive sketches and commentary on my two perpetually-in-progress stories, "Finer Things" (Stephen and Daniel's story) and an untitled slice-of-life urban fantasy (Miles and co's story), and a handful of assorted things from my sketchbooks. I should have these at future cons as well, so keep an eye out!
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