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Aubrey Beardsley
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Donnie Darko, The Fountain
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Foetus, Swans, Danielle Dax, Click Click, Cop Shoot Cop, Venom
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Lois McMaster Bujold
It's been over four years since I've last published anything here on Deviantart. Sorry for not replying to any messages during this time. It's easy to leave things behind when pressing matters are at stake. I've been a professional, self-employed metal artisan / blacksmith for two and half years now. I have fully concentrated on finding customers on local Finnish markets. Besides that I've worked on the sets of some theatre productions. Now, I'm hoping to expand abroad. This basically means I'm opening up my etsy shop and adding a good variety of cutlery and some other stuff there. I'll be adding those items here as well at the same pace I g
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:thumb96569273: I'd been away for a while and I was just about to quickly check if I had gotten any messages and BAM! Over 1400 waiting. I found out that this Fruit Bowl of mine had been added to daily deviations two days before. I must say that this was a most pleasant surprise. Thanks everyone! As a gratitude I have three new art projects to display here, each with three pictures. Enjoy! Broken but Not Hopeless :thumb193058818:  :thumb193058665:  :thumb193058476: This head consists of papier mache on top of a steel grid structure. I'm quite fond of it because it displays well my fascination of not hiding hints about used material but i
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Back Again

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Sorry everyone that I haven't replied to your messages. I've been away from DA since my last journal entry in the beginning of Summer. There are a few reasons that I'd like to bring out. First of all, while working as a blacksmith on the Summer and having seen a lot of people drop by to ask the same questions over and over again I just haven't had the will or the energy to be more social more than is necessary. This means that being social in the Net was out of question. I've also been damn busy. First in Summer because of blacksmithing and later in August because of two other jobs I got. Through a friend of mine I got a post-production wor
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I have to say, I am absolutely stunned by your gallery. It's conceptual AND functional. I never thought eerie and comfy could go hand in hand.
Thank you. Uniting what is seen as opposites is most fascinating thing to do.
I'm happy to finally see someone else Metal on this site! lol
Yes, metal all the way. ;)
well I'm gonna watch you. stay metal
your work is amazing, keep it up!
Thank you! I'll try.