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Lady Gaga II

I made another lady Gaga drawing! :D:D

I messed up the drawing yesterday, I spilled some water over it. I was so mad because I already spend 8 hours on it... If you look closely you can see it. But i did everything I could to make it look normal again.
Haha :XD: Hope you like it!


This drawing took me 9 hours and 20 minutes..
I used,
B and 3B pencils
kneaded eraser

my other lady Gaga drawing:
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Looks like a photograph, teach me your ways senpai.
Wow i love bill cosby.
Whetsit-Tuya's avatar
Bur how did drew this :iconisaacderp2plz:
FernandoEBL's avatar
po-po-po-pokerface! nicely done!
FelixFedre's avatar
I am no fan of Lady Gaga, but this is a magnificent work! At first I mistook it for a black and white photograph!
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ArtaProdukta's avatar
Amazing Artworks. Your art is just incredible
Kiro-Kurusu's avatar
very very stunning.
GSquadron's avatar
How can I achieve this kind of shading?
I have pencils from 2H to 8B but no idea how did you get this far.
Any tutorials or tips?
Also you can check my drawings to see how far away I am. :'(
xXTheNoobArtistXx's avatar
This is not a drawing

This cant be a drawing

How WHat Why I just what?
Madison3274's avatar
Oh my gosh i had to double take to see it was a drawing. I love it
Skittles69420's avatar
no you just took the photo (JK JK)
P3fectly3volvedhuman's avatar
Oh wow! Looks exactly like a picture, beautiful!
Cyber-Aquarius's avatar
OMG, it's amazing. It looks so realistic!
poise-n-rationality's avatar
This is so awesome!!

Yes, I'm a fan of Lady Gaga.
Shradis's avatar
Holy S**t I thought this was a photo or made digitally!!! Amazing just amazing, I can't say no more but look at amazement.happy cry XD  
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TheSummerBree's avatar
OMG I thought it's photo!
I'm in love in your art!
EmmaTheIceCat's avatar
This is so amazing! I think it might be the water that was spilt on it I don't blame you for it but the eyes are not that realistic if your going for that just It bothered me I ain't no great artist at all like u and others but yea Fox emoji - hearts 
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