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Fairy of the magical forest

About the drawing:

The feather on her head is very special to her. When she was a normal 10 year old girl others were mean to her and she ran away to the forest. In the the forest she saw the most beautiful feather that she had ever seen, she picked it up and another feather was in front of her. Every time that she picked up the feather another took it place. Magic?

She was so amazed that she kept picking up the black feather till... All of a sudden the feather was replaced by thousands of tiny sparkling lights. It was so beautiful that she almost wanted to cry again but then from happiness. The tiny lights changed in a big door. She opened the door and stept into a magical forest. She felt like she finally belonged somewhere, she became a fairy. :D:D It was a very peaceful place but she wasnt alone there, she was with other fairy boys and girls who were the same as her; they all had a heart who was too good to live among human. Since that day she always wears the black feather.

Hope you like it! :hug:

Made with Colour pencils.

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You are so talented
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Colours are amazing :D Great composition. Stunning :D 
Chicoandpaco1's avatar
My fav drawing by u
fairytasia's avatar
Holy crap!  Coloured PENCILS?!?!?!  I thought this was a photo manip!  *jaw hits floor*  W.o.W!!!! :faint:
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she is beautiful
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:o Ik wou dat ik ook maar in de buurt kwam van hoe goed jij kan tekenen :o
deze tekening is echt prachtig! ik hoop dat ik ooit ook maar in de buurt kom van hoe goed jij kan tekenen :D
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Greatest drawing I've ever seen!
The-Lil-Red-One's avatar
its amazing :) and soo pretty :)
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if i hadn't seen a video of you drawing, i would not have believed for one second that you drew this.
stunning work
owllovinggirl's avatar
I thought this was real at it!
What?!!! This is a drawing??? No way. My goodness. It is awesomely beautiful!!!
kennethkangaroo's avatar
Just amazing! I love fantasy drawings, and making it this detailed makes it life-like! Dreams do come true :D
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Awesome. I love when you use colour pencils. It's so realistic.
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Wonderful :wow: I can't imagine that this is made with pencils it looks very real :love:
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Is this really all drawn? None of it's a photograph?
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