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Captain Jack Sparrow

'My artistic interpretation of Captain Jack Sparrow.' XD

I'm working on a complete drawing of him so don't worry!! This was just for fun :D:boogie:

Face is made with colour pencils the rest with acrylic.
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I love the contrast of colors. The eyes looks so real.
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.. astonishing !! What an incredible drawing! I absolutely love it. :)
munchiesisme's avatar
It's sooooo sexy ... I mean him you know...
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im sorry. thats just not him
InoSakuraEldor's avatar
What paper did you use for this? :) It is very beautiful! :) I really love your works! :) Greatly inspiring :)
shaharpr's avatar
this is drawn?! it`s AMAZING!!
Nina-Francesca's avatar
I love your interpretation! I'd hang this on my wall! :)
Tahnja's avatar
wow that's brilliant
Neferet122's avatar
Just for fun? Are you kidding?! This is amazing!
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amazing! just wow xD
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Hey ! i wanna know, what paper did u used for it, what kind of color pencils u used, what is the exactly company of the pencils? tell me all the info about the drawing materials !
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You redrew an identical face just to throw some black paint on it:?
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Oh wow, I love this!
AmythistAngel07's avatar
What do you call it...? This almost looks like realism with blotography. Amazing.
casparofambrose's avatar
This is amazing. I love the contrast between polished and loose.
Alumfelga's avatar
He looks like a woman... a bit. But the effect is interesting :)
CatRoxUrSox's avatar
Mind blown =) This is amazing (so is the other one)!
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wow The way it is right now is perfect!I love it!
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