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Butterfly Beauty

This is a drawing I did of Ayumi Hamasaki. She so pretty in her pictures, I think she looks like an angel :D and I love her music. I dont understand a word she sing tho, it's japanese. :XD:

I've spend 4 days on this drawing, so its not that much, I think. :D
I did a lot of commissions lately so its a miracle that I finished it. :XD:

I hope you like it! :heart:

I used:

B and 3B Pencils
Knead eraser
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Incredible And Beautiful I think I've fainted. +fav Clap 
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I recognized her as Ayumi Hamasaki right away ^_^ i used to listen to alot of her music.  You did a great job on it.  I'd love to see Utada Hikaru, or even Koda Kumi done by your pencil ^_^ 
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Oh my flip. She's so pretty, I'll doe. Not really, obvi, still...Neko Emoji-22 (Shocked Aah) [V2] 
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Holy ****!!! Absolutely stunning! Fantastic work!
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Gorgeous work of art.
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I worship your talent . . . ^^
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I looked and went, wow, this is a great photo! I love how she put it in grayscale. Then I read your comment below. Holy apples and jellybeans and anything else, this is PENCIL? I applaud you. HOly. crap!
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Ik heb deze tekening (uit het stukje van de 7days) echt al heel lang op mijn prikbord hangen... En het helpt me echt om niet te stoppen met tekenen en door te zetten , hij is namelijk prachtig!
Wow, I am thirteen and your drawings have helped me draw better (I am self-taught). I have seen your website, and now I have found you on deviantart
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Hi... don't know if you know bout this, but someone is selling this picture as their own. Read bout it here: [link]
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... speechless...
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... speechess....
Wow really Amazing. Great drawing. Please Can you upload a tutorial for the Shadows? I would like to know how do you draw the shadows.
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This has been stolen ... [link]
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She's beautiful♥♥
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I love the butterflies. Her face is very simple, yet beautiful
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it's so beautiful !!!....there actually are translations out there, the lyrics of most of her songs that i read so far are really beautiful, my fav song always been voyage [link]
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i dont know if you can see this but [link] <- this girl called Matsuri Tasha Uchiha is claiming she drew your art on her facebook. shes been doing this with many peoples arts.
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