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Mustang and Mustang

I was sitting at the Met with~SonoUnPoeta and I started copying the pose of a painting. We thought it was about the most badass 18th century man ever, and as I was drawing she suggested I make it an FMA character. Hence, this.

I know that horse's back foot is a little wonky; you'll have to forgive me for it. I'm not very good at drawing horses.

Pose inspired by Sir Joshua Reynolds

Roy Mustang of Hiromu Arakawa's Fullmetal Alchemist
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What a fabulous drawing! I love the old fashioned flavour. hahahaha! an original take on a old joke.
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Thanks very much! It was a fun piece.
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i really the concept
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Thank you! ^_^
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i meant to say "i really love the concept"
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No doubt Roy will have taught it tricks, like blowing horse boogers on Ed. LOL

I have this weird thought I would run by you. For some reason, I think it's hilarious, but I'm not sure what others would think. Get together a whole bunch of Roy Mustang cosplayers, and have them run around with one movie!Alphonse cosplayer. Then put a group of other FMA cosplayers on horseback and let them chase the Mustang cosplayers in a re-creation of the round-up scene from The Man From Snowy River.
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XD He probably keeps it secret from everyone. He dresses in silly costumes and rides horseback on the weekends to relieve tension.

That'd be pretty crazy. XD Logistical nightmare to choreograph, though.
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Other than that, it would be funny as hell. But, my other dream is for a group of Klingon cosplayers (or just cosplayers of anime characters with the longest hair) to get together on stage and sing the song Hair.
"Oh say, can you see?
My eyes, if you can?
Then, my hair's too short!"
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great sketch!
just wondering: would u mind if i colored this and reposted ut?
id be sure to give u credit
if u dont want me to just let me know
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Thank you. :) Glad you like it.

I'm sorry, but I don't want this colored or reposted. Thank you for your interest, though.
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Awesooooome. XD
Love it <3
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Ohh... so sweet!
Roy's smile is sweet... and the horse too!
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^_^ Thanks! It was fun to draw.
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I am honored to have been witness to the creation of such a neat little piece. The pose is priceless, and you gave Roy the perfect expression to match it. Great work, as always!
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Well, it never would've happened if you hadn't been there! ^_^ So really, I owe you one.
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