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Manga Havoc Style Meme

Wanted to do this meme for a while now.

Manga!Havoc with his beard of awesome. I love him. <3

South Park style on the last one. Insanely fun and easy to draw in, I must say. Haha.

Meme template.

(Havoc of Hiromu Arakawa's Fullmetal Alchemist)
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XxILoveEvilKennyxX's avatar
hahahaha south park Havoc
GayBarIsSexy's avatar
MoMoArt36's avatar
hahaha this is great, Havoc is awesome! Even in South Park style : P
SmellyMarkers's avatar
SO CUTE!!!! -insert fan-girl squeal- :iconhavocplz:
raja815's avatar
Yay, I'm glad you liked it!
rizumamu's avatar
Havoc's awesome, definitely. Kinda enjoyed that South Park one. (^O^)
raja815's avatar
He is awesome. :D He's the awesomest. :heart: And I would dearly love to see him in a guest spot on South Park... XD
Lalikaa's avatar

Awesome. Just awesome. <3
raja815's avatar
Thank you so much!
jaganshihiei's avatar
Okay I'm still lawl'ing at the beer one, it totally is so awesome xD and makes me stop Q_Q'ing at the bedridden havoc before it lol!
raja815's avatar
It's an elaborate metaphor! He's drowning in beer because of his misery at being crippled, which is a reflection of society's...

No, I'm just kidding, I just wanted to draw a little naked Jean in a bottle. LOL
jaganshihiei's avatar
LOL~ You had me fooled for a second, here I thought I was on the right track with the just a naked jean in a bottle!
Youuuu sneaky ninja~
SonoUnPoeta's avatar
"Surreal" is AWESOME. And "Chibi" makes me go awwww.
raja815's avatar
Thank you! I could never pass up a chance to draw a naked man sealed in a bottle of beer; such an opportunity only comes across once in a lifetime, I'm sure.
raja815's avatar
^_^ Thank you, sweetie!
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