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The Lazy Artist's Guide to Drawing Animals


Look, drawing is hard. I mess up a lot too. But not everything is a dog.

Let’s all try a little harder.

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pretty much how almost everyone with a dog fursona draws

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This is priceless.

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it works

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I've got the opposite problem, I find it hard drawing a dog without making it look more like a cat 😂

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I've never been so offended by something I agree with
JanuarioTheArtistFox's avatar
The snake is so extremely cursed
LitaJ's avatar
I dunno, that shark looks pretty realistic for me.... the wolf though, that needs more research
Biiskitts's avatar
This is even more relevant, but this time everybody just draws animals as cats with EXTREMELY long ears
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Actually study the anatomy guys.
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i mean, not really, this person spoke the truth.
Don't be lazy when drawing a different animal c:
Ask-All-The-Dragons's avatar
wow now im gunna change my style
valvestater65's avatar
Haha this one is funny!
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About that snake: I read somewhere (can't remember where) that snakes were originally burrowing animals, so what you drew is actually pretty much what happened to 'em.
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the snake is my fave.
Studlyfudd13's avatar
I don't know what kind of snakes you have where you live...but all of ours definitely look like that! xD
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this is me 100% im only good at dogs so ill draw a dog and change it up a bit to try to make it look like a different animal
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I love this.  This is essentially DeviantArt and the animation meme community in a nutshell.  Everybody's fursona/character looks the same. Like, must everything be a canine? lol
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