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Slightly Damned Telegram Stickers

By raizy
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Patreon patron Animosulo generously donated his commission tier to the creation of all these Telegram stickers over the course of a few months. They're for everyone to use! You can download them here:…

Slightly Damned:
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© 2016 - 2021 raizy
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Crunky is attempting to delete all cookies.
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Hmm... I always wanted SD stickers, I never noticed that these were here
SungarrutheImbecile's avatar
Hey, could i convert these stickers into images for use on discord? since nobody i know uses telegram. i'll give all the credit to you of course! i'd just like to see if that's okay for me to do
raizy's avatar
I'm not 100% familiar with how Discord works, but that may have already been done for you! There's a Slightly Damned Discord with emoji:
SungarrutheImbecile's avatar
Thanks Chu. i wish you luck! means a lot you responded to my question, thanks for providing us such enjoyable things :3
Stuntpony's avatar
Hah! Coned Iratu is just priceless. X))) Also, Darius(?)/Death is interesting. =)
Chopangigante's avatar
Bad time I love that face of evil idea...
Zalcoti's avatar
These are all awesome. Love the expressions and random stuff. Iratu with the Cone of Shame is quite cute. Llama Emoji-23 (Shyness) [V1] 
OnionPug's avatar
The doggo dunce cone
DamyFoxyArt's avatar
Hopefully get these stickers for Facebook also! They're awesome!!!
Onemanwolfpack13's avatar
2nd one of Iratu is best! lol
Awesome! Sakido seems unwilling though! XD
supersonic50's avatar
Sakido's are the best
Gotta love Sakido! ^^
supersonic50's avatar
yeee, so much so i'm making a cosplay
Nice! Hope it comes together well!
supersonic50's avatar
It has come together for step 1 and extra step 1, I made the tabard or whatever and successfully got something that is workable for the black coat
nocara's avatar
I didnt know that I need this until now!
wing693789's avatar
awesome! Thank you so much Chu and Animosulo!
Oh my god yes!!!
Thank you so much - they are lovely :D
Now to spread the word of SD through stickers
DekabristMouse's avatar
awesome work! love their emotions!
Arinx7's avatar
Woo! Thank you Animosulo!
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