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Slightly Damned 570

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That's Buwaro for you.
P.S. Starting February I'm considering ceasing to upload full Sliightly Damned pages to deviantArt & FurAffinity. At most you guys may get one panel, and you can comment on the art sites all you like, but the full pages will only be visible on the SD site. Let's experimenting.

Slightly Damned: [link]
Vote for SD on TWC, please!: [link]
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Buwaro... when approached by a random stranger who makes a threatening statement, shakes hands with said stranger and gives all the details of his life xD
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AkiraHazamiHobbyist Writer
XDD Buwaro, don't you know the meaning of 'Stranger Danger'?
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BadTouchTrioMiyazakiHobbyist Traditional Artist
Pffft xD Buwaro, you're not supposed to shake hands with strange men who give you a creeper smile! Don't you know it's bad luck?
Letourneau93's avatar
Buwaro's in trouble... I think that's meeros. Does he hate demons like melli? If he does. RUN!
DeathofInk's avatar
I wondered if Merros (or however you say his name) had a Meridian form.

Why do I get the feeling he's something of a "ladies man" just by looking at him?

And what's up with the hostility to Buwaro? I thought he was neutral in the great war?
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Why is the handshake in a little box?
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BeIl-SanHobbyist General Artist
I was instantly reminded of the Happy Mask Salesman from Majoras mask, hopefully this guy will be less sinister...
Eridiumwolf's avatar
EridiumwolfHobbyist General Artist
Yeah, turns out he's a giant crow....
BeIl-San's avatar
BeIl-SanHobbyist General Artist
so... not even slightly as creepy.
Jesman101's avatar
So Much for intimidation.
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AllanpikeHobbyist Writer
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plaid-monsterStudent Traditional Artist
ooooh he's the bird guy.
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nuckleheaded Traditional Artist
so polite ^.^
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KimhoyerHobbyist Traditional Artist
Hmm, those expressions are piceless, thinly veiled threat and blantent dis belief that a demon could be so friendly.

My guess is that he's neeros the guardians, it would explain his two colored hair.
gatewayev910's avatar
man that guy has a creep smile and then he says "... little boy"

and all I'm thinking is where the hell is Chris Hanson when you need him?
SeurAaron's avatar
Creepiness fail.
the-ever-eternal's avatar
ohh-ho-ho-ho just you wait there's going to be a whole load of them in a second, just you watch, until the big introduction!!
Krystail-O's avatar
When I first saw his ponytail, I thought he was holding flowers behind his back. XD
Tsakta's avatar
Green eyes, black hair, frilly motif, well shaded introduction with sunlight effect...

Welcome to the story Meeros!
HinKyto's avatar
I would rather say that the pages should be a week or a month late on dA
Fukato22's avatar
his hair...It's so confusing...
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hollywood16Student General Artist
He kinda reminds me of the mask salesman from majora's mask
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Have you thought about doing what the other artist do and just upload on D.A. one page behind the comic and putting in a link for the most recent comic to the SD site, so that people who check their DA feed to keep track of comics/art can see that the new comic is up and just be redirected?
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Who do you think would be the best voice actor for this character? If it could be anyone and you had unlimited resources?
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