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Leave it to Iratu to find the booze immediately.

Slightly Damned: [link]
Vote for SD on TWC to see a (completely finished!) "The Legend of Buwaro: Soprano of Time" strip!: [link]
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I knew Azurai was too stupid to hold back from killing in public.
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ah...so there could be something special about this "red potion". Who knew V8 had so much magical potential?
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JupiterN00bSlyrHobbyist Digital Artist
Sweet jesus do NOT let him drink that!
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One thing that strikes me as odd, is how nobody so far has taken note of the fire demon with wings and angelic amulets XD
seelcudoom's avatar
he killed someone just for a hat? does he play tf2?
wait , that meat is chicken or something right?
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AllanpikeHobbyist Writer
BAD idea!
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Oh crap, stop him! Stop him now before he gets a hangover that puts him out of commission for a day!!!
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ArcaninesCurseHobbyist Traditional Artist
x'D Dont let him near that stuff!!!
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34356534355Student General Artist
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jaketheultimateStudent Traditional Artist
Oh cr@p.
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iratu+alcohol=a demon stuffed
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ingmaster5Student Writer
Is Iratu wearing pants?
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Yeah, the lighting makes it hard to tell though.
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ingmaster5Student Writer
His pants look like his fur, so I wasn't sure.
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Heh, I hadn't noticed that!
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Not good not good not good NOT GOOD!
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BARproductionsHobbyist Artist
wow you really have fixed the same pic that I added to my favorites.
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IandaM98Student General Artist
I knew it would look awesome when it got done! Say is it wrong if the way the orange guy looks kind of reminds me of some Street Vendor selling something?
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is it good mead or crappy mead if it is good mead then go for it iratu if it is crappy mead then i fell sorry for iratu.
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