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Slightly Damned 546

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That last panel took me longer to color than it really should have.

Slightly Damned: [link]
Soprano of Time is back from hiatus! Yay!: [link]
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ozzi9816Hobbyist Digital Artist
All their eyes on the last panel make them look like they're thinking: "So...shiny..."
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that tricolor... isn't that a Rainbow Dash reference?
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It wasn't intended to be.
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That crow looks really suspicious to me.
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With the knowledge of the future, I can definitively say that you are correct.
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Incredibly rare!
Incredibly expensive!
Advertised with cardboard!
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And now Buwaro tries every potion.
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ArcaninesCurseHobbyist Traditional Artist
Hmm... How much do you bet Buwaro will want to try some? Either that or Crunky will get Curious enough to chug one :la:
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I can't help but wonder if people will be skeptical of the authenticity of their set.
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1o11y9o9Student Digital Artist
Wait, where's orange and indigo?! D':
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this aren't any, its just those 5 potions
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lizziecat1279Student General Artist
I like how in the last panel you have the potions shining off their own light so that it's reflected off of the characters :D
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I can't quite remember-didn't they use up one when Miranda healed Buwaro?
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GhostKITTENHobbyist Traditional Artist
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So many pretty colors :0
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Lets take bets on what the child is gonna be? I'm betting boy.
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still born, darius said he couldn't bring back the dead my guess is it'll be the first of many unliving children in the world showing just how much everything is going to go wrong, then he'll find a way to blame buwaro and hate him more cause cliffs a rat bastard that way
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I'll bet girl, just to even the pot..... so to speak....

Any other takers?
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I like Rhea, Buwaro, and Kieri's eyes in the last panel.
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That bird in the first panel it seems like i have seen it before.
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BilbobagginsbuscusStudent General Artist
In't that meeros? The bird mr. Sinclair talked about?
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