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Slightly Damned 545

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My best friend from middle & high school could sleep with her eyes open. It was creepy!

Slightly Damned: [link]
Soprano of Time will return this Saturday!
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It's actually a mental disorder, so it kinda makes sense that Buwaro has it. :/
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Sleeping with your eyes open in school must have been the best skill ever.
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Oh, you mean that school for demon children abandoned in a barren wasteland for over a decade?
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I was referring to the artist's comments, so yeah....
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AllanpikeHobbyist Writer
... Well that guy is freaky...
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Maybe she was a wizard?
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Buwaro's asleep, its DOODLE TIME!!!! Quick hand me a sharpie.
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Panel five, LOL'S.

Last panel = doom for rhea.
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Did Buwaro just fall asleep with his eyes open? o.O
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*about to squish Cliff with fingers*
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I've never laughed so hard at a SD update until today!
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silly rhea, curb stomps are better. just trip a guy up, then step on him! B)
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Kolbatsun1226 Digital Artist
I never known anyone who slept with their eyes open. But I know people who play the squish game. Me
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TGWolven5Hobbyist Writer

I am LMAO!!!
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elderdragonIceHobbyist Traditional Artist
*4th and 5th panels* faaaaaaaaaace-boobs
that's what I started seeing now. Buwaro wouldn't do that but that's how staring contests go with a guy I know
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IandaM98Student General Artist
I guess Buwaro carries that trait? But you haven't done anything involving Lazuli (in the official comics) for a while. I find her a pretty cool character.
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Sadly, I am guilty of using a method such as this to pass the time.
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sporefox1Hobbyist General Artist
lol, I have days like this all the time
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ingmaster5Student Writer
Super Squish in 3...2...1...

What did Kieri say in the 4th panel?
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There may be children present, I think it's best if we leave it censored.
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ingmaster5Student Writer
OH fine! *Huff*
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