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Slightly Damned 544

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The first panel took almost 2 hours to do, so I'd appreciate it if you looked at it for more than half a second. D:
The dark brown animal on the right side of the second panel is a dunebeast. They're beasts of burden from the desert of the Dragon Island Archipelago. Actually, I first made them for a sci fi short story I did for an assignment in college... but I decided they'd fit in in the world of Slightly Damned.
Lastly: it's worth noting that this is the first time we've seen (adult) Cliff smile in the comic. :w

Slightly Damned: [link]
Soprano of Time will return in October.
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whats that purple stuff on sugars nose?
raizy's avatar
That's just shading.
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Nirvenese Mountain Dog? A dog the size of a horse?
Geni-Tamerlaine's avatar
Why does everything, including feral beats have a crush on J?
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i don't care what any one says i'd still rip cliff in half like that thing did to that girl in mirrors

and Nirvenese Mountain Dog? why does that seem like a reference
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AllanpikeHobbyist Writer
The first panel does look like it took some time...

Smiling Cliff.. O.O

Then e quickly becomes non-smiling...
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Will Jack survive his brief encounter with Cliff Or will he perish by flaming Lynxes?!?!
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Your right, its a typo.
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ingmaster5Student Writer
What an amazing first panel! :iconclapplz:
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lizziecat1279Student General Artist
Oh wow look at all that detail in the first panel! I love the conversation between the dude and the person with the dog. What kind of creature is that/where even does it come from?
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QueenSizeHobbyist Artist
I actually like that you made Cliff smile in this. He seemed far to... depressed for his potential that he can have as a main character. Finally having him smile shows he is human, and he can enjoy the little things. Animals bring the best in all of us, it's hard not to smile with your favorite animal around. I'm guessing his is his horse. I like Cliff, one of my favs so far. He's dangerous, smart, and easy going. But now that he seems more human, I like him even more cause I thought that he would just be a moppy brooding guy. Great job!
Elemental-Raven's avatar
The first panel is amazing! And the dunebeast looks pretty cool. XD
Joshabi's avatar
I read the description and saw dunebeast. Then I looked at the animal.
Kangaroo Camel Rabbit?
Wikiartz's avatar
WikiartzStudent Digital Artist
Excuse me as I die from cuteness overload. :iconblushplz:
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Yes, he does doesn't he :D also, I noticed the weird load-bearing creature.
Koranos49's avatar
Thats a BIG doggie, reminds me of an Arcanine.

Maybe they're cousins! (.....what?)
Shuma-Jindivi's avatar
......SD world has really weird mount animals......
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TGWolven5Hobbyist Writer
I forget - Is Sugar a donkey or a mule? And that black horse Cliff is hugging... It's not not Chestnut or Pepper, is it?
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It is a donkey and she is Pepper.
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TGWolven5Hobbyist Writer
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RioluNationStudent Artist
Nirvenese Mountain Dogs. Interesting. =)
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Tinker-JetHobbyist General Artist
Oh dear. Just wait until Cliff finds out that Jake's another mouth to feed.

This ends well.
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Yepbecause whenever the guy that frowns too much smiles...it means trouble.
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