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Slightly Damned 543

By raizy
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J joined the party!
>J E R K F A C _

Slightly Damned: [link]
Soprano of Time will return in October.
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House-LyranderHobbyist Writer
Fuck yes more J!  JxRhea forevs!
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There's a five comic gap between this page and the previous. I guess I'll just have to check the normal archive.
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I wonder if Mr. Cinclair will invite him to journey with them?
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What Rhea says:
"Looks like we have a new traveling buddy"
What Kieri Hears:
"Looks like we have a new stranger to meet"
What Buwaro Hears:
What Mr. Sinclair hears:
"Looks Like we have a new freeloader to feed"
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AllanpikeHobbyist Writer
Awesome, happy to see he'll be joining them! And Jack got over or demon liking our angel quickly
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Why dosen't Ramirez have red eyes?
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Jake and Rhea's eyes aren't colored in, either.
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Heh, I never payed much attention to your sub-comments/details until now. I'm sure that the news of another body soon to be stuffed in the wagon will go over greatly with Cliff...
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ShadoWolfozoHobbyist Digital Artist
jakkai, demon, angel and now human. Slowly but surely they're "collecting" all the different species lol
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ozzi9816Hobbyist Digital Artist
How long until one of them becomes the black power ranger?
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Puppy-SnifferHobbyist Digital Artist
Wow! your shading really blew me away in this one. You have improved so much!!!
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pride-and-parliamentHobbyist General Artist
October?! But that's at least a week away! Awww.
...And Jake seems to remember how all Buwaro knows is friendship.

Kieri: Delete that, Rhea.
>J E R K F _
>J E _
>J A _
>J A C K A _
Kieri: RHEA!! This is a FAMILY webcomic!
Jake: She used to call me both of those all the time. Just like old times, Rhea Bakesale... Yeah, I could never think of a good comeback.
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TisserovehicksHobbyist Digital Artist
Won't Sinclair be displeased for just assuming they can add another rider to his wagon :b?
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lol ironically enough... i just noticed.. i have Jakes hair...
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Hailed-ManicHobbyist Writer
I have but one thing to say about this: BRILLIANT!! :woohoo:

That sudden change in attitude with Buwaro? I can just hear what Draven Fabron would say about that: "I was right! That demon IS an idiot!"
("Oh, pipe down, Drave" - Zane)
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ArcaninesCurseHobbyist Traditional Artist
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brilliant description!
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Wow, TWO party member gets in the same arc? You sure you're fine with so many characters in the group?

...Wait, just remembered--the Sinclairs are pretty much party members, as well...But MAN, does this make me wanna kick myself in the tush to get a new recorder so I can do high-quality takes--I wanna be J so bad now. Even though it'll take, like, ten years to get this far at the rate we're all going.

Now the only one left to find is the mysterious Ramirez!
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aww that whould be so cool with him, but hes ganna die -_-
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HronawmonsTamerHobbyist Digital Artist
Although... I have a very bad vibe now...
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I love how Buwaro's tail puffed up like a cat in that panel xD Not a happy kitty-er-demon! ^^ Everything looks great as usual Raizy! I hope one day this becomes a cartoon or a movie or something. That would be so wonderful.
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Yay~! New travelling companion. ^^
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I'd say Rhea is the one on the left of the picture, and Ramirez is on the right. Yes, yes?
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