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Slightly Damned 542

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Yeah, it's not really a new page, but it needed to be done.

Slightly Damned: [link]
Soprano of Time will return in October.
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One does not simply compliment Kieri.
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definitely looks better this way
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ArcaninesCurseHobbyist Traditional Artist
Wow, as amazing as it was in line art form c:
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KirruyuHobbyist General Artist
yay~ :D
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IandaM98Student General Artist
I guess if Jake wants to talk to Kieri, he's going to first have to answer to Buwaro.
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MangaFroAngel101Student Artist
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Page 542 level up to Color
Buwaro learn Mean-look
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eramthgin-1027501Professional Artist
I like that it's in color, but I liked that it was in pine and white more. It had an awesome look to it do to the falling flowers. But either is good.
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evilmeep General Artist
Hee, jealousy.
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BogrenHobbyist Writer
Looks good in color.
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he, is cute the jealous Buwaro
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Awww, He's so adorable, even when being "MY woman!"
Well, more like "hey look man, I can understand you're flirting, but I'm alerting you to the fact me and this woman have a thing, and I'd like to ask you POLITELY to step back. If not, then I'll get impolite."
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You're really on top of things! Just one reason I vote for SD on TWC every day!
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Hailed-ManicHobbyist Writer
Ah Crunky...
Taste the memory loss of the Lotus! :mwahaha:

Poor Jake, guess he has to use his suave charm and wit to find his own angle.
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RaxkiYamatoHobbyist General Artist
ya. i was wondering when this page be in color.
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Woo! Color is wonderful! Buwaro is adorable with his protective glare.
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Buwaro's expression looks more >:| now and less :|
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I think it looks even more menacing when you notice his pupils narrowed into slits D:
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awesome! great as always
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Yeah! It's colored!
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