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Slightly Damned 541

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Oh Jake, you always know the right thing to say

Slightly Damned: [link]
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Conner-BlackStudent General Artist
hilarious! dat face. last panel
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jpredlerHobbyist General Artist
i like this guy. reminds me of my best friend. i love that you give your characters personality, its inspiring!
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AllanpikeHobbyist Writer
That's Jake, honestly the mood swing was actually a good thing to do!
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wolfmaster248Student Writer
I'm sure people have already commented about this, but...

Damn, Rhea's face in the last panel is SCARY! o_oU
thegoodsamaritan's avatar
thegoodsamaritanHobbyist Traditional Artist
Dat third panel. Amusing.
evilmeep's avatar
evilmeep General Artist
What a dork! That's what makes him so likable to me.
DonAsTray's avatar
"Are you a zombie?"

Thank you, I needed that laugh.
browser141's avatar
Wait.....I thought her wound had healed after she came back....
raizy's avatar
It's a scar.
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Oh god, my scar might be as deep as hers, but I just looked at the one I got from a dirt bike, and I can see some similarities XP...
browser141's avatar
Ooooooh ok I gets it now...maybe just my screen but looked still open and bloody; but anyway keep up the good work I only found SD a few months ago and already it's jumped into my favorites list :)
thegoodsamaritan's avatar
thegoodsamaritanHobbyist Traditional Artist
Scary Rhea face is scary... o____o

Lol, Jake is awesome... ly stupid. BUT IT'S A KIND OF AWESOME.
BanditRingtail3's avatar
Yep. The right thing to say.

To ruin the moment. =P
kuma-kiba's avatar
this one is a good one
Madmann135's avatar
Rule of thumb... never piss off someone with bigger teeth than you.
SHAD0W-SEEKER's avatar
SHAD0W-SEEKERHobbyist Photographer
Wonderful! Although you had me reading the entire story till 5 am >:) Thanks

And Just to let you know, on your site, you labelled this page as 451 instead on 541, Had me confused till the late hours of the morning :D
divinedragoon1992's avatar
hmm he us taking it all really well well done jake
Geni-Tamerlaine's avatar
Now we need to find out who stabbed her to death!
Dragonuv3's avatar
Dragonuv3Hobbyist General Artist
I'm betting it's the demon jakkai.
DemonPanther's avatar
Well, I remember reading last year that someone asked this, and you did reply that she had a huge, ugly scar from her healed wound. Now it's canon!

Also, it was going so well, a really depressing, sensitive moment where Jake finds out that his friend was killed, but came back to life. And then he asks a silly question xD
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Her face in the last panel is priceless :3
DarkGoddessK's avatar
Pahaha. Oh Jakie poo.... XD
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MangaFroAngel101Student Artist
XD nice.
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Thowell3Hobbyist General Artist
has the wound healed?
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