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Fun facts: the Sinclairs' horses are both girls. The animals in the stable from left to right are Pepper, Chestnut, Fritz, and Sugar. Fritz is surrounded by llllllllllllllllladies

Slightly Damned: [link]
Sorry, no Soprano of Time yet. Maybe Wednesday or next Saturday. I'm behind on everything.
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so wait do Jake and Rhea have a thing? You know beyond the simple childhood friend thing? Or am I just reading too much into something that's not there?
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AllanpikeHobbyist Writer
Nice explination and kinda heart-warming for him to follow... now, time for explanations from Snake!
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Why the smeg does that donkey have a hat?
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Because it looks good on her
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nuckleheaded Traditional Artist
he's an very odd man
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I thank you for that second to last panel.
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wait... donkey? XD
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Uh-oh. Hope Rhea knows how to talk her way out of this one.
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Oh dear.. ramirez has told Jay she's dead :P
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MangaFroAngel101Student Artist
Oh this should be intresting.
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ArcaninesCurseHobbyist Traditional Artist
Did Jake finally find out that Rhea was actualy killed? Will Fritz ever find the perfect lady? Find out next time on.. Slightly Damned! x'D
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10minsofmayhemHobbyist Digital Artist
Rhea, you got some 'splaining to doooo!
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Rhea and Jake look cute together :3
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HellsingDragonessHobbyist General Artist
Jay is a little stalker~ :3
There two are soo sweet x3
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uh-oh here it comes Ramirez said something about Rhea's death in his letter didn't he.
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NS-GamesHobbyist General Artist
No Rhea! You just blew your cover! :XD:
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How will she tell him that she came back from the dead?

Great job as always Chu, cant wait for the next page.
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RahneeHoneyLizardHobbyist Writer
What happened to FA? O.O
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max7345Hobbyist Writer

Here's their twitter profile. They pretty much explain what's going on as soon as they know.
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RahneeHoneyLizardHobbyist Writer
Oh, okay. Thank you.
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It's down, isn't it?
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RahneeHoneyLizardHobbyist Writer
I mean, know why...
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RahneeHoneyLizardHobbyist Writer
Yeah. but why? I thought maybe you would know...:iconsweatplz:
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