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Slightly Damned 538

By raizy
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Long time no see, Jake! Nice facial hair.

Slightly Damned: [link]
TWC: [link]
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IandaM98Student General Artist
Too bad I can't read the pages from before!
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IandaM98Student General Artist
I t'was grounded.
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SeaShepherd97Student Traditional Artist
Still wearing the Ghastly Gibus?
Pfft, what a noob.
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Dangit!! When are we gonna meet the side characters that we're all so curious about!? Auuugh.
I spit in your face, Jake.
Although, it is cool to see him again...
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A goatee? **GASP!** That's not Jake! It's his evil counterpart from another dimension! Everybody run!
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evilmeep General Artist
He's back! I was hoping for this for quite a while but I'm sure you knew many of us were, clever raizy. ^^
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I just took some time to reread your comic (I had some problems remembering plot) and you are really improving over the years!
(..and Rhea got kind of fat/plushy since her death...)
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Heh looks like Jake might be following Rhea
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Cat's outta the bag!
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AllanpikeHobbyist Writer
Lovely to see you again Jake!
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GhostKITTENHobbyist Traditional Artist
That's a swingin' hobo top hat you got there, Jake! :D

(I guessed Lazuli.... I was kinda close...right?)
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UmbraeCalamitasProfessional Writer
I had wondered when he'd be showing up again. Suppose he heard about her death?
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damn its so hard to guest what will happened next.....damned....
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shit, Rhea have a strong tail, did she ever think ´bout using her tail like a hammer or something??
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bugbyteProfessional Digital Artist
Hitchhiker! 8U
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KeyoteaHobbyist General Artist
Is has been a while since we last saw him...I think he moved before his pawn shop was overrun by wicked demons.
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I can never predict these things correctly...
It looks like he was either sleeping under there or stealing stuff.
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That's... Kinda awkward...
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Damn, how strong is Rhea's tail, anyway? It's no surprise she's able to support her own weight with it, but she just dragged along a full grown human with it.
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How much does he know about Buwaro and Kieri?
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Well, well, what have we here?
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KrasudrealHobbyist Writer
She's going to strangle you with her tail!
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