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Slightly Damned 531

By raizy
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And now we know why Crunky is Crunky. It's official!

Slightly Damned
Vote for SD on TWC please!: [link] Thank you!
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i don,t know why but the first time i heard his name i understand chunky
Baconwaffles's avatar
Am I the only one that thought of Lil' Jon when I read "Crunky"?
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greenmustache General Artist
Those faces. XD
Oh gosh, hilarious. I love this comic.
BerserkOrangeFury's avatar
Must have panel 5 without dialogue, the look on Buwaro's face is priceless. Heck, I'd make it a wallpaper.
WindChargerNut's avatar
Buwaro's reading skills have improved immensely.
shayan572's avatar
Panels 5 and 6 are to die for. Utter humiliation provided my Mr. Elexion, oh the shame that he has brought upon himself is but priceless.
Great job on the new page comrade.
By the way, what does crunky and other wyverns eat?
AngelX-Studios's avatar
i thought her name was MAH
GhostKITTEN's avatar
GhostKITTENHobbyist Traditional Artist
The "Crunky" popcorn ball is so cute!
and the 5th panel looks like it really needs the word "FAIL" printed in white letters up in the top left.
Wolf-Sophie's avatar
How, or why, or what, made you decide the name Crunky XD!
commander672's avatar
I'd forgotton that Buwaro had only just learned to read. Good callback!
pride-and-parliament's avatar
pride-and-parliamentHobbyist General Artist
I knew it! Her name is Crunky, not Mah!
I guess mah means yes. Or me.
Or maybe she's saying "ham" backwards. Emosewa si nocab hguoht... doog si mah.
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ChirrHobbyist Traditional Artist
Nocab ekil I. <3
Joshabi's avatar
Better name than crunchy...
I like it too, wouldn'ta thought of it myself though.
AkiraHazami's avatar
AkiraHazamiHobbyist Writer
Pfft XD That's brilliant, Buwaro!
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Ganet's avatar
Hahaha! I was thinking about why he said it and I didn't even think of that. Too good and too cute. XD
13gothMoth's avatar
Mm, mm, mm, Wyvern-O's! They stay crunky in milk!
abowden's avatar
love Buwaro's shame face :)
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JosephineLithiusHobbyist Writer
Poor Buwaro. It's okay! You're half-illiterate! There's no shame in that. :)
ArcticFox7's avatar
ArcticFox7Hobbyist Digital Artist
aww she called him Mr. Elexion :) lol poor buwaro and his reading skills. xD
Barrocco's avatar
BarroccoHobbyist General Artist
Crunky munch. :3
xelaalex's avatar
>w< I thought she was gonna be called Mah! Whatever, Crunky is cute enough =3
crossfireindonesia's avatar
crossfireindonesiaStudent Traditional Artist
misspelling again for Buwaro again :P
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McgrnwlfStudent Traditional Artist
Crunky for the win!!
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