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It's decided. Her name will be "Mah".
(Yes, there's a reason Buwaro made his suggestion. Stay tuned!)

Slightly Damned
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I personally liked Princess Butterball,
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nuckleheaded Traditional Artist
CRUNKY?! lol
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Why not name her after the rock Buwaro had that for some reason vanished? Name her Thadius!
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Thadius did not vanish. Thadius is out on the table with the rest of the gang, although "she's" not visible most of the time. The golden wyvern was also shown sleeping on "her" some pages ago.
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....I might need glasses....murf X3
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McgrnwlfStudent Traditional Artist
aw I kinda liked crunky
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marhaus Digital Artist
Blob-ette :D

Crunky is Japanese candy o_O

She shall be known as Bumble, so there :XD:
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marhaus Digital Artist
oh you lived in Japan :D

美味しかったね... yum for Crunky :)
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Crunky was my favorite candy bar while I lived in Japan.
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I like Rhea's suggestions.
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Mah! it makes it a pokemon!
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ChaozOfKalameetHobbyist General Artist
I just ADORE that face...
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Freddy-kunHobbyist Traditional Artist
o.o;;; Crunky... it sounds like the name of a giant rock turtle monster who isn't totally bright. XD
But I want to hear Buwaro's explanation!
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Haku2049Hobbyist Writer
Wait. They have Butterball meat in the Slightly Damned universe?
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and thus it was so, henceforth she shall be known as Crunky, though we all already knew that, right?
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Halfdrake010Hobbyist Artist
How about moosh? yeah... it does have some kind of a ring to it.
The-S-H-A-D-O-W's avatar
Mah, that's a cute name
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KirruyuHobbyist General Artist
well i got some guess about buwaro suggestion :3
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bugbyteProfessional Digital Artist
Crunktacular! \*w*/
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crossfireindonesiaStudent Traditional Artist
epic Rhea fails :P
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JosephineLithiusHobbyist Writer
Personally, I like "Goldie MAH the Crunky Golden Wyvern Princess Butterball." But maybe that's just me.
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JosephineLithiusHobbyist Writer
Also, the latest Soprano of Time comic is so totally true. X3
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SnowfyreHobbyist General Artist
lol Fatso

Mah's such a cute name.
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She's so round a cute... I like the name Sunny best.
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