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Nobody likes a snitch, Toby!

Slightly Damned
Vote for SD on TWC, please!: [link] Thank you!
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AllanpikeHobbyist Writer
Wonder why a golden wyvern is so popular... is it rare?
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Yes and magical, which is why Krunky can fly at all, also their scales are apparently gold.
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RioluNationStudent Artist
That awkward moment where your lunch seems lighter than usual. xD
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awww little toby has a crush -so cute ^^
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ingmaster5Student Writer
Why is toby so cute?
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Snitching wont get Samantha to like you, you fool Toby! lol
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mr sinclair is gonna have a father-daughter talk soon it seems. and it's gonna be unhappy all around >.>
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Honey popcorn balls? That actually sounds GOOD!
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Im hungry for popcorn balls now >:L.
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DJ-Ghetto-HeadphonesHobbyist General Artist
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Whats up with Rhea, whys she so quiet?
Great job on this page comrade, sorry for not responding to your journals but i was inactive for over a week. Ill get to read them in about 5hr after checking all my messages and other images sent to my Message box.
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DragonikkuHobbyist General Artist
YAY Toby Again 83
I Love That Hukai!
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ZaehlasHobbyist Writer
That handholding is so cute!
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The Wyvern is shiny.
Loving those sparkles.
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To Toby, perhaps? Toby got a little hungry, did he?
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Girl no like her rage powers.
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BARproductionsHobbyist Artist
is it me or does toby have the hots for sammy here.
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No, it's just you. Toby CLEARLY has a fever, and that little heart-shaped thing is OBVIOUSLY a new-fangled kind of flea.

And... uhhh.... he's smiling, because... it's a disease similar to, like, a laughing sickness... or something.
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BARproductionsHobbyist Artist
dude take a good at the little yellow arrow pointing down there, these kids are holding hands.
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It was SARCASM, the fact that it was obvious was part of the JOKE!

And you ruined the joke, jerk.
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BARproductionsHobbyist Artist
also people don't usually type down sarcasm on social networks. if you were trying to be sarcastic you woul have used something like this (sarcastic) I like BTR. (honest) but not really.
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BARproductionsHobbyist Artist
wait you were just joking!? my god I'm so sorry I didn't know but I assumed that when that the little heart was a flea and his blush being a fever... I thought you didn't believe me?
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Lonnie-23Hobbyist Filmographer
Toby totes has the hots for Sammy. He got a full 1/6th of the page to point out he has the hots for her.
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BARproductionsHobbyist Artist
I gotta admit, toby was holding her hand right where the little yellow arrow is pointing at and he smiled right where the little heart poped out. my guess is that toby might have developed a crush on her. go ask chu on her raizy DA-website if I'm wrong cause I might be but I'm hoping I'm right?
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