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Kieri fights for FREEDOM like a true American!!!1
Have a happy fourth of July no matter where you are. :D

Slightly Damned
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Does Rhea mean one person she wouldn't protect, or one person she wouldn't protect them from??
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her brother
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AllanpikeHobbyist Writer
Except for one person? Wonder who Rhea has in mind...
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ScotchNvlHobbyist Writer
I gotta say it. DEM WINGS!

Love this page in particular, first panel even more so. Epic Kieri with her Sword and Wings and Angel language is epic!
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I like the exagerates faces of the pirate khamega, the typical reactions of the Chick tracts, but in a funny. way.
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And, once word passes around how a young water Warrior Angel totally pwned a thief three times her size, Kazai might hear of it and come looking for Cliff's stall to find her. Provided, of course, something else doesn't bring them together faster.

Now, I wonder what that Angel mother from before would say about Kieri if she saw THIS?
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Looks like hes gonna be visiting the repent Jakaai
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That one person she wouldn't defend people from. Would that be her twin brother?
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Uh oh, I think I know who Rhea is talking about! A Lazuli flashback is coming up! (Sorry to ruin the surprise for anybody)
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Damn, I guess I was right about the person being Lazuli, but I think Chu is waiting to show her at the perfect moment for a suprise.
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Yes!!! Yes!!! Kieri behaving like a BA and ignorance dealing the cards of fate to one fortunate soul (fortunate in the sense that Kieri wouldn't take his life >_>)
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KageSoraHobbyist General Artist
Bahahahaah! I love it. Panel 6 is great!
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XD! LOL!!! "I'll change! I'll CHAAAAANGE!!!"
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Random Pirate turtle. Change your ways. XD
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yeah -you better change or else
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Except for one person...? O.o?
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herself-i think she means
crazymew's avatar
Ahh, I see. l3
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i tihnk this is one of my favourite pages yet.
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yo, ima from latin amaerica. happy fourth of July to you too :)

dat first panel.... god freaking awesome!
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ingmaster5Student Writer
I wonder who that one person is? and it looks weird without the background in the last panel.
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Lonnie-23Hobbyist Filmographer
Kieri fighting for our Freedom. Now if only Guile's theme was playing in the background.
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