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Slightly Damned 496

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I wonder what Kieri's up to. What could be more important than snuggling that fat wyvern?!

Slightly Damned
Vote for SD on TWC to see the latest installment of "The Legend of Buwaro: Soprano of Time": [link]
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I bet a demon is hiding in the tree and its going to try to bushwhack Kieri as soon as she gets close.
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AllanpikeHobbyist Writer
Hmmm... that was interesting... very very interesting...
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KeyoteaHobbyist General Artist
Where have all the flowers gone? Long time passing. [link]
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Angels go into heat in late spring! Yeah, yeah, that's it!
Just ignore me....
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who could that shadowy figure be?
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Which one? All four shadowy figures are a main character or an adorable yellow creature, and the wagon.
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the vague one walking towards the wagon
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That would be Kieri... You know, the main character person we see quite often...
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Please tell me they keep the wyvern.
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And the plot thickens!...Again. I think we've reached the viscosity of freshly poured tar by now....
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Crunky's fat? I thought he was a chick. Or dragonling. Are wright wyvern's just naturally tiny?
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This monstorously mysterious mystery is getting more mysteriously maddening the more minutes past....

I do love alliteration
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nom-teddyHobbyist General Artist
-gasp- the mysterious mysteries of mysteriousness continue.
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Mysterious indeed!
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CakePopMastorHobbyist General Artist
Fat wyvern needs to be snuggled upon, it demands the love!
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clarikthekingStudent Artist
eating that fat wyvern
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desouza-ramiroHobbyist Digital Artist
Incoming Birthday Party!!!

BTW, Soprano of Time part 42?
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I can't help but wonder if that wyvern hatched from that weird egg in the wagon...
Fyrus-Sverovec's avatar
The egg is a Jakkal egg.
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Oh no! The seasons are out of line!!!
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IandaM98Student General Artist
:shrug: I guess it's how the Seasons are coming and going.
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*reading* more))
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