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Slightly Damned 492

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Ah, but Cliff, lynxes have winter coats.
(Make what you will of that.)

Slightly Damned
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Hey Chu, do Wyverns elementals like some of sentient races in your comic do? BTW I lol'd at that LoB page on TWC! Darius has got to be one of my favorite characters in the comic!
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In my mind, all wright wyverns are aligned with the wind element.
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Makes perfect sense. Thanks.
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lol I posted this on the wrong page...
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Wait.............. it wasn't.... can't be. ... ... ... could it? Could Cliff's "knowing people" actually be due to him having some kind of large important and probably military role in taking Medius out of the conflict between Heaven and Hell?
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That, if anything, could have made him such a bitter person.....
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bet my ass that the linx-thing is foreboding :D
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This plot just made tar look as thin as oxygen.
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I dunno, spread it out enough and you might be able to get that effect........
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ingmaster5Student Writer
Cool simile.
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KreeTheBasiliskHobbyist Digital Artist
All these Cliff pages makes me curious about his hero days. If he had his own video game, I would totally play it! :B
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ingmaster5Student Writer
Lets play a game! Its called guess what happened to Buwaro!
Did he..
A: Find a new girlfriend.
B: get slain by kieri's brother.
C: Get lost.
D: find a candy store.
E: Got a little behind them while walking, and is therefore not in the panel yet.

(Can you tell I'm bored right now?)
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I'm for option...
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F: have been catch by tsavo
G: speak somwwhere with st curtis demons
I: is just 2 meter close to rhean but isn't in the panel
J: have been knocked up by a strong median ("haaa a demon :fear!" or "yaaa a fu*ù$^ demon!")
K: have been again attack by an angel warrior
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I'm going for E.

At least, I'm hoping it's just E...... :fear:
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Oh god, I hope it's E.

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Hfar Writer
Huh. Interesting little tidbit about the relationship between Cliff and Siara.
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AllanpikeHobbyist Writer
Mr Hero guy?

Nice Cliff past tease there, then a nice cliffhanger at the end.

And how exceeding infuriating.
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ShadoWolfozoHobbyist Digital Artist
Eep! where's Buwaro?
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Watch out i think shes gunna be sick over cliff xD :'3
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I'm not going to call it a cliff-hanger until I actually see Cliff hanging from something.
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locuasHobbyist Writer
maybe his "grandma" is the lynx? that could explain why did she(is a she?) teach him that spell...
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Serious mode just got serious.
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Oh no! Where's Buwaro!
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