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Slightly Damned 487

By raizy
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Guess who's actually canon now! :O

Slightly Damned
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Oh , when he grows up , you're frigged! MWAHAHAHA!!!
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Awww... poor little Crunky...
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*whack his head* Why the fudge did you do that for, your traumatized that little dragon!!!
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ZereverefanoHobbyist General Artist
stop for the cute things...
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aeris114 Traditional Artist
Is it me or does it seem like if Japan made a dub of Slightly Damned, Ryotaro Okiayu would play Tsavo?
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Meep Meep Meep x3
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Poor little guy.
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Hehe. In the first panel Tsvao does a great LOL cat expression: "Dis mah shrubbery. No, u kan't haz.". It's either that or a reference from Mel Brook's Holy Grail movie. What do you guys think?

And Seriously...Tsavo's a guy? I had to go back and check all of the references just to be sure I wasn't misreading anything. There were no gender labels in the earlier references to Tsavo, so it makes sense now. I was completely under the impression the "he" was like one of those girls who lives/works in a Hot Topic store. You know, gothic with a dour attitude, only...more lethal. (No offense to Hot Topic employees)

Great work as always Chu!
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That little thing called him "MAMA!" XD
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AstraNovaaHobbyist General Artist
aww that poor lil thing, its so freaking cute!!!!!!!!!!
loving the expressions also :D
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Thy-WolfHobbyist Traditional Artist
The cute, it broke him.
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Chibikitty9000Student Digital Artist
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Why would he do such a thing to such a cute little wyvern? :iconsadplz:
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Hikari147Hobbyist Photographer
:rofl: .. that last panel... :lmao:
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knux33Hobbyist General Artist
Tsavo~ I love all the emotions he's showing these past few pages. And he looks just beautiful in all the different positions you have him in here! And he gray eyes~ So cool! Panels 2, 3, and 4 are my favorites; the pondering expression is wonderful, his anger is clear to see on panel three complete with his cheek marking squishing slightly, and the shading/thick lines on four~~

I love the thicker lines. I don't know why I do, but I do. I think it might also be the larger amount of dark on the character with fewer highlights.

Anyway, great job as always! I love the flow you've got to this comic; each page gives a good amount of transitioning and movement but it never feels too slow, and you don't let things drag.
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Gamerguy915Hobbyist General Artist
aww that poor thing
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nuckleheaded Traditional Artist
HA! that was random :D
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GhostKITTENHobbyist Traditional Artist
Has anyone made plz accounts of Crunky and Tsavo here? If not, I may have to. [link] [link]
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Kaloyan-AlettHobbyist Writer
That is one chubby write wyvern.
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DJ-Ghetto-HeadphonesHobbyist General Artist
That wyvern is a lot smaller than I remember him... :XD:
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If I was there, I would knock Tsavo out, with the butt of a rifle.
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WildlebendesHobbyist Photographer
M16 or AK47? I'm not going to ask about an M4 because those things are pretty light to be knocking someone around with.
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