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Betcha didn't see that coming!
EDIT: I realized I drew that earth Demon a little too big, so I made some adjustments to her.

Slightly Damned
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Wait, a tic? I know homosexuality is an established and accepted institution in Medius (awesome btw) but this page makes me wonder in homosexuals can have children together?

Pleas note: I know you said the races probably couldn't have children together in you F.A.Q. but the thought just came to mind.

Also please note: I know this may sound like a stupid question but in a world of magic, demons, and anthropomorphic talking rats (nothing but mad love for Rhea), normal rules kinda take a back seats.
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Even in the Slightly Damned universe, children can't be conceived between two people of the same sex. Also, if Demons and Angels could have children, the child would be a hybrid. So the child you see here is 100% Angel.

And now you know ~*
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and knowing is half the battle.
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McgrnwlfStudent Traditional Artist
that's a holy crap moment
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death-reaper5Student General Artist
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At first, I thought I shouldn't be using this language, but then I remembered what kind of comic this was, and anyone who would be too young to be exposed to such language really shouldn't be on deviantArt, when you think about it.
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death-reaper5Student General Artist
i agree
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I noticed that all the Angels are wearing nice, clean, Fancy clothing.... but all the demons are the exact oposite.
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Okay, can somebody please explain to me how to put links to accounts in your comments? I wanna use the cool emote accounts, too!!!
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The tail puff! :D Poor Rhea
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Emilou1985Hobbyist General Artist
I like Rhea puffing up like a scared cat.
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I love how bushy her tail is! XDDDDD
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Okay . . . I need to find out WTH is going on!
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WhitexWinterxWolfHobbyist Digital Artist
Awwww Rheas tail bushy XD
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I like this festival. So much wonderful variety. And she might be the same kind of earth demon as Talus.
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rhea is like a scared kitten!
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SirFerrickHobbyist General Artist
Bahahaha @ the last panle...

Loving every minute.
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Angill-RoseStudent Artist
The faces in that last panel are priceless.
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lol Their D8 faces! XD
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Rhea's tail.....



HAhaha! That's fantastic! I don't know why I found the fluffed out tail to be so funny, but I do..
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Whoa that's a BIG demon.
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GrimsDale-StigaHobbyist General Artist
o.o Cool in all, but am I missing something here 'cause I don't see what she has to do with this.
I thought Ms. Piggy was a "he" and "he" was the little boy's father. Also, Ms. Piggy looks awesome.
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I guess Buwaro is still used to seeing Earth Demons since he knows Iratu.
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Hehe! XD I love Buwaro's reaction. The other two are scared, but he's just like:

"Whoa. That's a big demon."

XD He would react like that.
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