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Poor Buwaro. He's trying, he really is.

Slightly Damned
I was so caught up in fixing up the new Slightly Damned store this week that I forgot to work on Soprano of Time. I'll have the new installment up tomorrow (Sunday), but in the meantime I'd appreciated if you voted on Top WebComics [click here] anyway! Thanks!
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locuasHobbyist Writer
i bet 100$ the guy's complete name was JAKE Curtis...
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My money is on the dragon.
That would be so awesome.
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Buwaro acts like me in the last panel :p
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KajijiProfessional General Artist
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AllanpikeHobbyist Writer

So, it was the fire bee guardian?

... I need to stop reading 8-bit therte and stuff, because I could just see Buwaro being the course of the fire somehow...

Time fuck!
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... I'm sorry, but I'm not getting the joke in this week's Soprano of Time (#31, Twins). Can someone explain it to a poor guy who's probably making Buwaro look like a genius right now?
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Earthstripe09Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Aww! Buwaro. It's so cute when he thinks he understands things he really doesn't. It proves that naivete is just plain adorable!
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Buwaro... you are just so adorable.
GoldenSunAdept's avatar
What do you know, his name really was Curtis!

Also, Buwaro better watch out. The letters of the alphabet are everywhere! Who knows where they'll strike next! ^_^
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WhitexWinterxWolfHobbyist Digital Artist
AAAAAhahahaha. B's are bothersome sometimes XD
Wolf-Sophie's avatar
XD I love it!!! The last joke was just perfect :')
Hoheh's avatar
The pun at the end was beautiful. Bonus points for it being accidental. I do hope Melli isn't like Mr. Denevol with Buwaro, but it's possible all the same...
BlazaWolf's avatar
buwaro reminds me of me sometimes except im stupid on purpose
RazorD9's avatar
It's the Ps and Qs you got to worry about. So best to mind them.
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pasteryHobbyist Traditional Artist
lol bees
JamesM24's avatar
AHAHA! That last panel.....best buwaro moment for a long time!
Vizey's avatar
Never trust them letters.
TRUEDRAGONANTHRUSProfessional Traditional Artist
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NemoXCVIStudent General Artist
I love Buwaro so much right now
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tythin4Student General Artist
Best Buwaro quote in a while :P
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SirFerrickHobbyist General Artist

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SirFerrickHobbyist General Artist
At least his alphabet learning is coming on nicely.
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