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Slightly Damned 457

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...and that's a wrap! Slightly Damned will be going on hiatus for at least a month. Updates will resume no later than September. You can read the how and why of this hiatus [HERE].

Slightly Damned
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What the heck happened there?
camolotthe10's avatar
camolotthe10Hobbyist General Artist
its Santa Claus's son on summer break.
apparently, he has his own reindeer.
i hope for more appearances of this dude.
crazydude159's avatar
War carnage, makes me want to go outside to a meadow and sleep, that's weird
And also, good on the war fog
Tinker-Jet's avatar
Tinker-JetHobbyist General Artist
My-My. Looks like you'll have your hands full for the next month.

Be sure to keep your priorities in order. Do what you must first.

We'll be patiently awaiting your return. =)

Good luck!
WhitexWinterxWolf's avatar
WhitexWinterxWolfHobbyist Digital Artist
You know yourd think we'd be used to cliffhangers by now but they always hit like any other time XD

Anyway good luck with everything. Be awaiting your return!
Kimhoyer's avatar
KimhoyerHobbyist Traditional Artist
Going on a hiatus with a cliff hanger, now that's evil.

Good luck with your travels.
DJ-Ghetto-Headphones's avatar
DJ-Ghetto-HeadphonesHobbyist General Artist
good luck with your travels, and have a safe trip!

Last Panel: Don't worry, man. Happens to the best of us.
Dragonfolk2000's avatar
Dragonfolk2000Student Writer
OH CRAP, a cliffhanger!
Junkyard-lurker's avatar
Oh, J.... you poor, lovable schmuck :XD:
tetramegaman's avatar
O dear, um...cue the Tristram music. [link]

Weyville's become quite gloomy now... makes me wanna make a short comic about this. :work:
dragonfriend7738's avatar
Aww. I'll miss you! Hope you have a fun trip and an uneventful move and such. Just wanted to say that I adore this week's voting incentive- Snowy's expression on the second to last frame had me laughing for a few good minutes.
nuckleheaded's avatar
nuckleheaded Traditional Artist
awwwww, a whole month! thats forever! :P
Etheral117's avatar
Ruh-roh. I think somebody heard about his brother getting thrashed.
HybridProjectAlpha's avatar
HybridProjectAlphaHobbyist Digital Artist
Oh no! it was the mongol hordes!
Envy-Incarnate's avatar
Does he have bad direction or is that really the place? :o
Rip1191's avatar
*Just realized that multiple webcomics are suddenly going on hiatus*

*Also just realized that he'll be in the Army by the time this comic comes back*

D0ra0g0n's avatar
D0ra0g0nHobbyist Digital Artist
This is Weyville? More like... NO-Way-ville! >w< mehehe~
Horhar's avatar
HorharHobbyist Writer
I hate that SD is stops updating for a while on my birthday, damn you fate!
andwhyisit's avatar
Well.. happy birthday anyway.
Horhar's avatar
HorharHobbyist Writer
Yeah yeah, at least i got enough birthday money to purchase every fullmetal alchemist manga thats out right now. That will cheer me up.
Succubus1982's avatar
Succubus1982Hobbyist Digital Artist
Nooooo T^T
Freyad-Dryden's avatar
He's gotta have a hell of a reputation for partying if he thinks he could be blamed for this.
Krasudreal's avatar
KrasudrealHobbyist Writer
As I said before, if I were to ever see something like Lazuli, I would run like hell, dig a hole and hide me in.
Shadow-Saphirae's avatar
Shadow-SaphiraeHobbyist General Artist
Have fun, Razy! And good luck!
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