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Slightly Damned 447

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Anyone who's ever lived with animals can understand what the Sinclairs are going through.

Slightly Damned
Vote for SD on Top Web Comics to see The Legend of Buwaro: Soprano of Time part 7! It's an extra long comic this time!
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DUDE!!! I love the first panel!! you have really gone up a level with your shading... love it!
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:( Dang it...I missed page 7, I wasn't able to get on due to finals week. Is there any way to see the previous page?
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Read the description of this: [link]
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Chari-ArtistHobbyist Digital Artist
Lots and lots of purple fur~ Weee~ :la:
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kinomonStudent Artist
shedding.. natures way of changing your clothes. or something like that. :P anyway, nice, didn't see that one coming :D
UmbraeCalamitas's avatar
UmbraeCalamitasProfessional Writer
Ah, shedding. My german shepherd is going through that right now. All over the porch.
BookaBoo's avatar
omg my prodiction of claw clipping and demon horn was correct <3
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Actually...I do know what their going through.

It doesn't help when I have three large dogs
and two cats around..^^;
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Yay! Not-murderous Miranda! I was sort of worried for a sec.
crazymew's avatar
xD!! Nice.
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Fawkes-WinchesterHobbyist Photographer
I lol'd
sleepdreamdaydream's avatar
arghhhh too much win!!! DX

d'aaaw kieri looks like a mother cat defending her kittens...or a raged confused angel defending her purple dog-like demon boyfriend and her rat-girl friend lol :joy:

ahhh shedding... never can you wear black or white clothes when you have a white and a black cat... D:
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Sunnybrook1Hobbyist Artisan Crafter
Lurv Kieri's expression in the first panel! Grrrr, go mama bear~ :shakefist:
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Ahaha, the look on Cliff's face!
haa... I knew it was only gonna be stuff like that. Nothing major.

Hey Chu, do you already have recipies for the rainbow reverie?
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thatrevmansHobbyist General Artist
Theres win here. Lots of it
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AllanpikeHobbyist Writer
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Especially worst when you have black clothes and three light-colored dogs.
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DJ-Ghetto-HeadphonesHobbyist General Artist
Yep. Lived with three dogs and two cats for most of my life. Wasn't anywhere the hair didn't get to...
Freyad-Dryden's avatar
Oh, yeah. We have four dogs and two cats. I know exactly what you're talking about.
Tornadominds's avatar
My cat left what looked like half his fur on my lap last shedding season.
TheMightyElo's avatar
TheMightyEloHobbyist General Artist
That is why I have a Miniature Schnauzer! They don't shed :)
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AdaloreHobbyist Digital Artist
Attack of the fur dust bunnies... They are endless!
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