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Slightly Damned 446

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I also considered calling the potion set the "rainbow collection" so it would be like the Muppet song.

Someday we'll find it
the rainbow collection
the Angels, the Demons
and me~

Slightly Damned
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RAT-B0YHobbyist Digital Artist
Last part. Win expressions.
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I love when this comic starts to look like an RPG. Stat boosting potions, side quests, item trading, I really hope that "Slightly Damned: The Game" gets as far as the mortal world. =)
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sorry for what i am going to ask , but we have seen that reptilian looking inabithant (gramathic error) of Medius , so , i suposse that whe will see about them in the future , right ?
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Yeah, there will be more info about Khamega in the future. For now you can find more info on them in the scraps section of my deviantArt account.
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moonyelloweyes General Artist
Oh my god their faces at the bottom are so precious. c:
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Harvest time. >:3
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OMG tomorrows saturday!!! woooo the fate of buwaro kieri and rhea!!

also maybe even the end of sd lol :D
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hehe found the comic about 3 hours ago and read it, now I think I'm going to do the same as I've been doing with my 8 other comics, only read one of them every week so I get formerly 8, now 9 updates in a row :) that way no full week of waiting (never happens the way I planned for I can NOT wait another 8 weeks for the next update)
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i want to harvest your bodies for ingredients. sounds like something a mass murder would say
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come on it for charity say yes and you get a free COOKIE yay :dummy:
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Lol'd at that last panel. Lol'd hard, in fact. Then I realized that all three of them have the same cowlick-thing of hair in the middle of their foreheads. Neat.
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kinomonStudent Artist
its funny since i just started watching MLP: FiM, and now this. damn, is it me or ponies taking over the world (or my mind)

as an aside, I'd run if that happened to me. :P
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I've never watched the new My Little Pony cartoon so I have no idea what you're talking about.
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kinomonStudent Artist
nah, its ok :P
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theflotinghead General Artist
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and there's the flat what combind with color fail. i love this comic.
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camolotthe10Hobbyist General Artist
i have the same reaction as when i saw it this morning;
im going to harvest ur bodies so i can get potion ingredients!
1. WHAT TE HELL 2.harvest...what... (tiny voice) oh...
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DracoLicoiHobbyist Digital Artist
That is... I don't wanna be them...
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Heheh... With any luck it'll be like a feather, a tuft from Rhea's tail, and a chip of Buwaro's horn. XD
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jackanarchy99Hobbyist Writer
I knew it! She wants to make the Philosopher's stone! XD
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Wisp-nyaStudent General Artist
oh dear god XD
I hope I'm not the only one to get that
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Dragonuv3Hobbyist General Artist
You aren't x'D
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