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Slightly Damned 428

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"What's a Khamega?" you ask. If you want to know, you should look through my Scraps. Otherwise, it'll be discussed a bit in the comic in January.

I'm going to say right now that this is the last page of 2010 and the last page featuring Darius and Blue... for a while. I'm just going to upload a Christmas picture next week, and it'll come with a vote incentive. The comics will return starting January 1 with the new year!

Slightly Damned
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Depressed is not a good look for you, Darius. ::(:
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slightly damned is getting more and more exciting every page!! there are so many things that are going to happen in the future

for example, ramirez. what will he do when he sees rhea ALİVE!? i would be shocked if i saw my best friend alive from the dead with a demon by her side :P

mokurynn, who the hell is that man?? he obviosly is the murderer of rhea, and that mr.moonshade guy, boy is he creepy

WHERE THE HELL İS İRATU?! what if hes helping mokurynn and those other bad guys D: iratu seems like the type who loves to torture innocent people...

and WHERE THE HELL İS KAZAİ?!? the trio have been searching for him for moooonths... he keeps running of in the opposite direction, thinking he will find his sister there. he has no clue that his sister has been searching FOR HİM instead :D lol

how is darius gonna find buwaro and tell the truth D:

lazulis revenge!! :iconidontloveitplz: man she has issues... poor kieri

azurai!!! ahahaha azurai...when he sees rhea and buwaro have escaped hell...man that will be hilarious!!

kieris familys reaction to her dating a demon... not gonna end well...there will be blood.

mother gaia and father syndell and death are lost!! where are theeey

who is that angel who killed sakido and is allies with the demons??

will kieri and buwaro ever have a sweet and calm life together?? i hope so :<

wow just thinking of the future makes me shiver (in a good way) and have goosebumps all over!! omg this comic is sooooooo soooo....ughh i cant find words to describe the awesomeness, someone help me out here!!!
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LiveLongButLOLHobbyist Photographer
I wondered how Death would responded when Rhea and Buwaro left..... now I sort of know it...... so sad =(
also I wonder how iratu is now..... I mean he is left behind in hell..... all alone =( so sad too!
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Iratu had been transported to Medius
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LiveLongButLOLHobbyist Photographer
oh I missed that in the comic! do you know which page? (or just around that)
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Haa, I love the relationship between Darius (or Ghostie-Darius) and Blue. Like a strange couple. Then again, we don't REALLY know Blue's gender...

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Since all Angels seem to be pale, that river is making Darius look ill.
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I just had a funny thought.
Blackbeak the Khamega Pirate scans with Rudolf the Red-Nosed Reindeer. There's comedy gold hiding in there somewhere.
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Mother Gaia. Father Syndel. Master Death?
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Huh, I just realized how much Blue reminds me of Cortez from Paper Mario: TTYD :XD:

Well, so long Blue and Darius. We hardly knew ye.... No really, we didn't know you for a while.
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And now I'll have to have Blue address Darius as "Amigo!" from now on.
Junkyard-lurker's avatar
Well, he's already got a boat :D
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So, is that the species you mentioned in the filler profile things?
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Well, they were definitely listed. They're not the secret one though.
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WHAT ARE WE GOING DOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!?...without your awesome comic till january?
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(This comment may contain awkwardness.)

Err... I noticed while reading this page the third time but... in the second to last panel Darius is kind of... err... over affectionate. Especially with Blue's shocked expression. Maybe I'm looking to much into this. Now excuse me while I pour coffee on my face and get a new girlfriend.
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Divine abandonment or divine kidnapping... Good. This can't be...
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Well things are getting interesting now. Gia and Syndel go missing. Odds are they'd probably had been missing for a lil while before Death went in search of them. I have a really out of left field idea as to were they are. I think their right under our noses. Directly under our noses. I think we've been following them around for a while. If you haven't guessed my idea by now here it is. I think Buwaro and Kieri may well be Syndel and Gaia. Least that's my working idea at the moment. Before now I thought that might have been Darius who killed Sakido. So this idea may be wrong too.
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While that would have been interesting, Buwaro and Kieri are 100% Demon and Angel, respectively.
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McgrnwlfStudent Traditional Artist
hpanel is the BEST!!
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I love Blue! Aww can't wait for next year now!!
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poor darius :(
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You meant Gaia and Syndel have been in Medius for 15 years or more, and death has also dissapeared while looking for them? Something's fishy or wrong going on around here, and someone has to be behind all this, I bet it's that angel who killed Sakido.
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Neithan-DiniemStudent Digital Artist
I was wondering when someone would notice that it was a different angel that did that. I'm also curious about the other Jakkai and his part in this.
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