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Darius asks the question that you've all been asking! When something like that happens in the comic, I worry that people think I'm changing the story's content in reaction to readers' responses. Rest assured, I completed this page and all its dialogue weeks ago.

Let me answer two more questions that won't be addressed in the comic proper:
- Darius' skin looks weird because he's right above a neon green river. Also, Angels are just naturally pale.
- The comic has returned to its normal update schedule, which is once a week on Saturdays.

Slightly Damned
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I love how in panel three he's doing the "gay hand" pose. Did you do that on purpose?
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Wait, considering only creatures that die in Medius receive an afterlife, Sakido did technically die IN Medius. Then again the war took place in Medius and like Sakido said if Angels and Demons came back to life then there would be a lot of war veterans in Hell. I just don't know what to think anymore.

What makes a good story? They mind f*** you at least once.
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Sakido is dead forever and she's never coming back. Sorry. :w
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Well I don't really mind, actually. I mean that as least offensive as possible. :x
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Yay!! It's back! And lol I love it!
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kinomonStudent Artist
plunk! *giggles* lol nice XD
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Is it possible for Death to die, or is he immortal?
Also, looks like Blue is afraid that Darius might be right about Death!
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I thought the he was pale because he was dead/death :S
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nuckleheaded Traditional Artist
oh, i never knew that they only have one eye! amazing
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Darius makes good points...
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And he looks somewhat insane/dangerous on this page.
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The-Skykian-ArchivesHobbyist General Artist
This is very interesting. o-o
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UmbraeCalamitasProfessional Writer
Wait, so Death didn't teach Darius to reincarnate souls. Does that mean that the demons actually *could* be brought back to life, even though they're demons, and the only reason they said otherwise was because they didn't know how?

And is Darius doubling as Charon?
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Darius's hand is in a gay position in panel 3...
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Once a week on saturdays? Meh you must've been working hard to get to this point.
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Hfar Writer
And the plot thickens. I await the next comic with anticipation.
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NeveraelHobbyist General Artist
Sooo that's why Death has only one eye!
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"Wait--Someone is coming!"

...While you're on a boat in the middle of the river Styx? xD
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yurionnaHobbyist General Artist
I love that last panel! :meow:
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I love this comic. ^^ Sad saiko died but is pretty good. Cant wait to see the father reunited with his sons eventaully and see buwora able to fight.
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I NEVER noticed that , good job :D!
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Huh. Death only having one eye was a clue I missed.
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werebunny131Hobbyist General Artist
Darius has some odd hand positions there.
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.....Ok, I feel stupid, because this is the first time I noticed death only had one eye. How did I miss something so obvious?
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