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Slightly Damned 425

By raizy
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I've been waiting for this moment for nearly 7 years. Feels good, man.

If you figured it out, good! Then that means the clues I've been leaving behind worked well. If you didn't figure it out, that's fine too. After all, I WANTED to surprise people.

Slightly Damned
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ozzi9816Hobbyist Digital Artist
I know it was supposed to be surprising, but I read through 9 years wort of comics on the day I found this, so...
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Aw, I Love This Comic X3 But This Part Is The Best Part I Read :3
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Argh ,lol , wow . This made perfect sense and I didnt see it coming.An angel who uses a sythe is the perfect fit for a reaper.
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KitmitHobbyist Digital Artist
Can I just say this was my favourite bit of the whole comic, excellent story telling, I never even guessed it was him and yet there were hints everywhere.
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Thanks! :D
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RAT-B0YHobbyist Digital Artist
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ozzi9816Hobbyist Digital Artist
More like s*** hit the fan.
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So... How many people actually predicted this one?
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See, this is why I love SD. Never suspected this to happen. My god I want Darius to find Kieri and Buwaro on the surface.
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KitmitHobbyist Digital Artist
You know I really love this part, it really surprised me. I'm really hoping he get's to meet Buwaro and Iratu again ;-; but showing who he really was this whole time. It might knock some sense into Iratu too, since the way he has been acting recently is quite...vicious, and we all know the loving soft spot he had for his father figure. It would also make Buwaro really happy to see his dad and realise his dad never really left his side ;w;
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aeris114 Traditional Artist
Ah, I remember the first time I read this comic; Utterly Mindf****d, truly I did never see this coming....
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hipershadic176Hobbyist General Artist
so that puppet was a give away. 8O
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venelisHobbyist Digital Artist
Suddenly... I love "Death" even more... And I HAVE NO IDEA WHY!!!! |D
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AllenQuillsHobbyist Digital Artist
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tstriker1Hobbyist General Artist
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tstriker1Hobbyist General Artist
DUN DUN DUUUUUUUUUUUUNNN :iconimspeechlessplz:
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Darius was and is alive and was with his children the whole freaking time but they didnt know that death really was there foster father and now they will never know now or maybe they will but who knows this is soexcitingthisissofreakingwierdandawesomeiloveitiloveyouomgicantwaitforthenextpageswhyisnttheresuchthingasatimemachineowshitwhatwillbuwarodowhenhefindsoutomgpoorsakidowillneverknowiratuwheretheheckisiratuthisissocoolhowwilldariusevertellthemwhathappenedtotherealdeathandtheothergodswhoknowsomgthesuspenseiskillingmeargggggghhhhhhh!?!

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TikkaTakkaStudent Interface Designer
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Evilhumour-AuthorHobbyist Digital Artist
amazing art done for the skull and Darius
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There are a number of tropes specifically having cliche in their name. Darius looks unwell here.
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killjoykittyStudent General Artist
THE PLOT THICKENS~~ (head explodes)
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Whut. *Brain asplodes*
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