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It looks like it's over, but the comic will update THREE times next week: Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday.

As for the page itself, I was trying some new things out when I colored it. There are some things I like and some things I don't like. Hopefully I'll work out the kinks with more practice.

Slightly Damned
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I'm not trying to speak for anyone here, I'm not saying Sakido has any chance of returning to the series in any form, I'm just postulating this: If Chu hypothetically had plans to bring Sakido back at a later date, why would she admit it? Saying she's permanently dead would be the best way to preserve the surprise. So you could always hold out hope. Once again, I must be adamant that I'm not trying to speak on her behalf, just giving my two cents.

There's also like six fanon extensions where she never actually died, or got revived, so you can always read those, or just write your own. The thing about characters being killed off is that it makes writing fan fictions about them easy because it's not likely to contradict anything in the main series (since that character is pretty much "done"), despite not technically being canon.
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As much as I hate to say this, but perhaps not bringing Buwaru to Hell was not the worst of decisions. Don't get me wrong, abandonment is terrible (and I'm still wondering how Iratu feels about Buwaru given the recent chapters), but had Buwaru been brought to hell who knows what would have happened to him. Sakido and Iratu did become Demon generals and it is obvious that they both did terrible things during that time. Buwaru became the loveable goof-ball that he his exactly because he had no idea how "proper demons" are supposed to act (take Lazuli's reaction to Buwaru for example).

Still, Sakido's passing is indeed tragic given the circumstances.
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and this is always the point that gets me because right after this


we find out darius is alive and she died for nothing!! NOTHING!!!

(spoilers end)

and you saying she's never going to be revived just hurts, that was someones baby girl you killed<-thats the tear jerker), i don't care if she was fake i can understand her on every level (yes, i have failed that hard), but most importantly she's one of the main cast thats been truly killed off (at least one we're intment with), which makes me ask, whos next and how long? whats iratus reaction going to be? and how long until darius finds out? what are they going to do? could they accept the fact he was never truely dead (cause in practice, thats a major back stab) and whats going to happen before this plots all over with?

god this part always twists me up on the inside and raises to many questions. (and yes i am crying)

but most of all why does it feel like she's not truely dead? (and i know its asking for spoilers but) there has to be more than that, right? especially since other things are starting to become more glaringly obvious now, but either way, now thats over with i think i got some if not all/most of the venom out

what ever, i'm going to cry in a corner again
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ozzi9816Hobbyist Digital Artist
Chu says that she doesn't like bringing up someone from the dead because there are no consequences, and therefore no emotion when someone else dies later in the series. "Oh don't worry guys, she'll get revived again because the last guy did." It can't be all kittens and rainbows folks.
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um yeah, revival means that everythings hunkudory, everythings back to 100%, no illnesses or diseases, all physical problems solved, and everythings fine; on a physical level, the problem illiterate bastards like you forget is that one little factor you all call "TIME", with that in mind and this persons place in life, explain to me again how there are "no concequences"?

ever read the odessy? everyone thought he was dead and when he comes back? look at how much of his life is now in ruins, all the time he could have had bonding with his son, all the time he could have been there to stop his kingdom from crashing, all the time he could have been there to support his wife in her desicions and fend off her would be suitors from taking over their kindom, all of it gne because of his ambition and pride.

can you just imagine the turmoil this person would go through, especially since he had plans upon returning, of what he would teach his son and what he would do with his empire?

another good example is captain america, he had expectatons and plans, he'd return home, go on a date, and settle down and have a family, like every other WW2 vet, but it never happened because he essentially died

(i'm using this as a metaphor if you haven't guessed, since i don't know if you'll use the weak excuse of "but those hero's didn't die!!")

my point being, how do you return to a life if everyone else has moved on? and how are there no consequences to returning to the life you once had? if anything it actually provides more problems than it once had

"no consequences" MY ASS!!
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ozzi9816Hobbyist Digital Artist
Not like that. I'm talking about someone dying in say a cartoon or show and then coming back that episode. I agree with you. If you do it right, killing someone off can have big repercussions even if they do come back to life later, but I'm talking about someone who supposedly dies and then you can see everyone is all sad, and then there's this bright light and the character who was supposed to have died came back, most of the time without an explanation. That's a cheap death, and therefore doesn't make you sympathize with the character at all, and also doesn't make you sympathize with anyone else either. It was like the character had a bad hair day, but he got over it. If you listen to Kurt Sasso's interview with Chu you will understand what I'm talking about.
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i did and i get that but what gets me is that, thats not what happened here, but chu still says shes permanently killed off, yet the direct opposite is implied when your take the route she chose, mostly because its unheard of in her world that a demon or an angel come back to life, and the way its lingured upon in the comic, it literally has no impact on the party nor is it proven to weigh heavily in the characters minds, then there's here where she's proven to be suicidal over what she did to darius and his final wish, and with the fact she won't come back to life it raises the question why bring this up if it won't be resolved? (and yes i recognize the other factors in play here, but really) my point being, all of this speaks otherwise to the readers and thats the reason everyone goes on about it (this is called the show don't tell mechanic in story telling), chu hasen't proven through the comic the opposite to be true, other than what she says/writes to be true

and that also gets me, chu's inability to connect to her audience for her to see this, let alone the reason "these" things happend in other stories. i mean, you ever hear the reason the second robin got killed off? DC suspected that once the new robin was introduced he was the reason for batmans lowered popularity, so what did they do? put in a poll based off of his reception, if it came back good, the situation would end with him being saved, iof not the the situation would result in him getting killed and unwritten from the batman universe

it came back with 2/3 of the audience negative

so they killed him, and low and behold despite the other 1/3's complaints batmans popularity skyropcketed back to safer numbers, but the fans demanded a new robin after wards, and of course they made one that suited the audiences taste.

they had this on tv but i forget what the show was called.

anyway, my point being that if chu complains about something that she hates, but doesn't understand why they happen, then maybe she shouldn't be telling "her story" in the first place not until she studies narative to begin with
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ozzi9816Hobbyist Digital Artist
No point in arguing with rabid fans... Oh and BTW Chu said she didn't like pandering in one of her interviews.
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actually im focusing more on its narrative than anything, for a "story" based comic it sure doesn't seem to be much in the way of story, all we've done so far is develope the characters, and nothings really happened, and what has is often forced

it only becomes more blindingly apparent with the authors word about what backfired in comic, to me its excruciating to read knowing in reality the comic's narrative is poorly handeled, if only i didn't want to see what happens next, i'd drop it all together
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poor widdle buwarooooooo :<
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    Might I say, Chu, that you are absolutely brilliant at weaving a captivating and heartstring-pulling story. I swear, Buwaro's past absolutely moved me. I know I don't comment much on your works, but I swear I have been loyally following this webcomic for a while, and I have loved every minute of it. :heart:

    You're an amazing storyteller. The way that you presented Darius and how Sakido felt about Buwaro and her adoptive father is... well, I hate to repeat words, but moving. And so natural, too. I can really relate to Sakido -- identify with her, even though the two of us are really nothing alike. This backhistory also makes Sakido's dedication to being a good big sister very understandable. I can't help but feel sorry for Sakido -- and Buwaro! How he was cruelly cast aside by his adoptive siblings, and yet how they've tried to make it up to him over the years... it's tragic, really.

    I want to know more about Iratu now, though. The backhistory has now made him rank up in the list of my favorite characters (almost up there with Buwaro, Rhea, and strangely Kazai). However, I'm not going to tell you how to tell your own story, because you seem to be doing a fine job without my help. I'm just hoping that we learn a little more about where Iratu ended up and what he thought about Buwaro.

    There's also the whole Mr. Moonshade thing to deal with, too, now that I think of it...

    Great job as always, Chu!
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Thank you!
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How confident she is that she deserved to die makes it worse.
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*Sniff* I'm not gonna cry...*Sniffle* Not...gonna...*Whimper*...*Goes and cries into a pillow*
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TT-TT So sad!!! * bursts into tears *
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WingedWolfGirlHobbyist Digital Artist
Sakido Foreshadowed herself.
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HorharHobbyist Writer
And Rhea just sits there.
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ozzi9816Hobbyist Digital Artist
Zuko: "That's tough buddy." pretty much sums up what's going on with Rhea.
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WhitexWinterxWolfHobbyist Digital Artist
Waaaaa! -sniff sniff-
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sad diary ending is sad :(
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wow....poor buwaro....he must feel like shit T^T
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McgrnwlfStudent Traditional Artist
:iconomgnoesplz: no!
this is too sad! poor buwie.
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hey wait if buwaro never went in to hell then how did he get hes ear piercings
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TimberwolfEmmyHobbyist General Artist
In an earlier (waaaay earlier) panel, Sakido said she noticed that "somehow" Buwaro had a tear in one of his ears, so she pierced the other one herself to make it look better.
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