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Hey look, Cerberus with three heads! Does this mean that one of the oldest mysteries of the comic will be answered soon? Maybe.

Slightly Damned
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McgrnwlfStudent Traditional Artist
hm...could darius be getting weaker just being in hell? er...the ring?
just a though
anyway 3 headed cerberous WOOHOO!! also death looks way cooler than usual!
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werebunny131Hobbyist General Artist
Sad Iratu: :(
Angry Death: >:(
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Death looks pissed off.
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HorharHobbyist Writer
its obvious that cerberus' head was cut off
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Death looks awesome. And focused. Seems sad, but I don't know why.
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Hmmm I do hope this shows what happened to Cerby's head, but who knows what you might pull, Chu. XD I'm all to seeing what happens next. :D

Iratu has(maybe just feels) matured quite a bit, IMO, at this point.
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pasteryHobbyist Traditional Artist
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Cerberus is cool and neony. :)
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*gulp* death seems....so much meaner and scary yikes.
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UmbraeCalamitasProfessional Writer
Death! I've missed Death! ... though he looks slightly more evil now.
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Tilted-AxisStudent Digital Artist

death looks scary bring me old death plz
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That is "old Death". You are probably after current Death no? :roll:
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Tilted-AxisStudent Digital Artist

The current Death is much better ;-;
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I just started reading this again after a few months, and I think I get it...

Darius becomes Death! Look at the old pages and notice how Death's left eye is missing? How Rhea's puppet's eye keeps falling off? He seemed 'different' back then? Cerberus also refers to an agreement where he implies that Death has only been the reaper for a few years. It also points out who that 'person' is when Cerberus was talking to Death... You know, Sakido? It's no wonder why the demons attacked her and she wouldn't go into hell herself to get Iratu's note; she's not welcome there.

Dang, I didn't think I would have missed all that in a few months.
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That has to be one of the better theories I've seen reading through these comments. Of course, that still doesn't explain why Cerberus lost his main head...

Too bad we have to wait to find out more... wait a looooonnnng time.......
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It's a pretty old one though. People have been saying that ever since Darius lost his eye.
Junkyard-lurker's avatar
Well, it's the first time I've seen it, but thanks for letting me know :)
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Woo! Three headed Cerberus :la:
Not to mention that Cerberus is very serious in this picture. When we last saw him, one head was acting as if it was drunk.
Great job on the expressions!
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... Wow, I feel old. I forgot Cerberus DIDN'T have three heads when we first saw him.
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.. I get the impression from the three heads seeing 'em together, Blue ones' smart, Red ones' streetsmart, and Greens' just a dumbass that noone understands. Lolol.
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No word yet on who killed Rhea originally. I have a pretty good idea though. :P

I was wondering where Death was the entire time they were traveling the Ring. Seems he took his job more seriously back then.
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his Neck looks 2x as thick too
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does he still have one eye?
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TheChibiDesuStudent Traditional Artist
Woah, Death looks pissed. D:
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