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Slightly Damned 401

By raizy
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Do you guys remember who this guy is? His name is Jake (J for short) Thorndyke. Do you guys remember who Ramirez Bloodeyes is? If you don't, that's okay. Just go to the main site and search for their names with the archive's search function.

Yes, J's family owns a reindeer.

Slightly Damned
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P.S. Slightly Damned will be updating every Tuesday and Thursday from September 21st - December 2nd. No donations required.
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callanerialHobbyist General Artist
Dude you don't have to make comments like this 50 times. This is verging on spamming. So cut it off.
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aizezHobbyist Artisan Crafter
As soon as I saw who wrote the second letter I heard, "Dun Dun DUUUN!" go off in my head. :P
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werebunny131Hobbyist General Artist
0.o It's the guy! The guy...with the...the eyes! Yeah! I wonder if he knows who killed Rhea...

Or...of course...if HE did it...
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GhostKITTENHobbyist Traditional Artist
Hm. This could get awkward.
Ramirez: blah blah blah something about Rhea being dead blah blah...
Rhea: :D Hey J, wassup? *is perfectly alive and well*
J: ...huh?
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Looks awesome, x3
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enistojaHobbyist General Artist
And the fandom rejoiced, shivered and squealed in exitement.

No more can be said about that :3
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[insert fan boy scream here] FINALY!! WE FINALY GET TO HEAR ABOUT RAMIREZ!!!
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Chu, there has never been a day in which I have forgotten to vote for SD at TWC. I remember J, lol, how did he blow something up this time? I know it involves beards, but how did he blow 'em up? xD
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Oh great now Im gonna be wondering in class now.
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Kateydid3Hobbyist Writer
Whoah? Been a long time since we've seen J! And Ramirez, damn! Looking forward to this.
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Ramirez was Rhea's friend, right? The one who was there when she died?
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When I hear his last name "Thorndyke," I've been thinking about that whining Chris from Sonic X.

Sounds like the story is moving along on Slightly Damn.
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How many jobs has Jake been fired from?
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I remember them both!
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Whoa! More updates a week? What's the occasion?
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yay Ramirez
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Dragonfolk2000Student Writer
What's that? You're updating twice a week until December? Bribe accepted, you have my vote.
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Hmm.. I sense that he's gonna let slip that he's writing and recieveing letters to/from Rhea... And that's where things will get interesting.... but meh, I am often wrong, so just another guess.
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I feel bad for remembering.
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MindOfGeniusHobbyist Writer
*obvious bad joke time*

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nuckleheaded Traditional Artist
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