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Slightly Damned 399

By raizy
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Everybody sing!

Kieri the saddest Angel
had a very sucky past
And if you ever saw it
You would say it sucked ass~

BONUS! [link]

Slightly Damned
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One of the problems I often see when it comes to kids coming from a famous/infamous family, they always judge you by your family name/fortune/ect. and little else. That is not even counting the chances of the family forcing the kids to live up to the family name/tradition.
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AlexPichuPiiStudent Traditional Artist
Dawww, the bonus doesn't work ;A;
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Who else here agrees that angels are turning out to be just as much dicks as everybody else?
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that bonus...is amazing...
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ahahahahahhaha the extraaaaaaaaaaa!!!! ahahhahahahahaha the extraaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhahahahhhhh!!! btw

poor kieri....
the reason why she loves buwaro is because he makes her a happy, the happy she never had in her entire life until buwaro... and buwaro loves kieri because she is so nice to him...the nice he never had his entire life...until kieri sooooo İT ALL WORKS OUT İN THE END ^.^ hugs!!!!
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Okay, so I have to say something about that link, I don't care if its in continuity with the main story of Slightly Damned, but it is for me. Teenage rebellion and angst ftw!! Thou Buwaro being a tool to get back at her mother is kinda harsh.
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    ... I-I had to bookmark the bonus
    it is just brilliant :'D
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Yeesh. Your angels sure ain't role models of peace and love, are they?
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Guy-Staring-At-YouStudent Traditional Artist
epic bonus
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LilacRatsHobbyist Photographer
so yah you get a lot of these but I must comment anyway. I adore your comics! However, I must say I'm quite mad with you. Why? because YOU got me addicted to web comics, haha! You're art is so cute! And 'snowy' is by far the cutest character ever! I must say though that jerk in town that tried to kill her and her little love bir- dragon. yah, him? I hope he gets a papercut. . . Either way! Lovely job! I (insert cliche less than and 3 sign here) your comics! =D
raizy's avatar
...but Buwaro isn't a dragon?
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LilacRatsHobbyist Photographer
Well. . . Demon. <<; But he doesn't act like one. Even if it is for the little pendant. haha!
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Huh i would never of thought a angel would be a abusive mom.
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As for me...I love my Mom. :D
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aww poor Kieri D: i wish i could just give her a big hug X<
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best bonus ever
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(feux German accent) So, Ms. Suizahn, falling in love with Buwaro is merely a form of rebellion against your mother? How interesting. Tell Dr. Freud more.
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TheLittlePrince5Hobbyist Writer
Ouch, she's got the whole Hinata Hyuuga thing going on. Poor Snowy :(
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goldstarsupremeHobbyist Traditional Artist
Angels are evil little bastards... :iconironyplz:
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Aaaawww, poor Kieri, I just want to give her a hug.
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Either momma takes too many swigs from her booze or she is just fucked up in the head whic i pretty understandable.
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Sorry about my spelling in my previous comment. Dammit.
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LoreMaster01Student Traditional Artist
If I could, I'd give her a hug.
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