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I expect a lot of backpedaling in the reactions to this page. Let's see what happens!

Slightly Damned
Support the comic and vote for SD on Top Web Comics? - Even though I had this game when I was a kid, I've never beaten it.
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jackanarchy99Hobbyist Writer
Awr, Cliff has a heart after all.
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Where is Thadius when we do not see her?
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Boy am I getting tired of answering this question. :P Someone else even asked this before you on this very page! Anyway, the answer is: in the wagon, as seen on pages 331 and 383.
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I find it so sad that he's willing to give up Thadius, but his sincerity makes it so much more touching!
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KimhoyerHobbyist Traditional Artist
Aww, he so much in love he's willing to give up his first friend for her.
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Glacideas Artisan Crafter
I think it's so sweet that he would give up Thadius to help Kieri.Shows how much he cares.
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I'm kinda glad he was willing to give up Thadius. That boy shouldn't be talking to rocks.

It's not healthy.
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Haha, Duster's expression in panel 8 is fantastic. Basic jist of what I interpreted: "He just offered you his best friend. teach him some damn magic!" To which Cliff responds with the "Cliff face" a general expression for dealing with all idiots. =D
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UmbraeCalamitasProfessional Writer
Haha, I thought Buwaro was going to take off one of his necklaces, and then we'd have a problem. This was a surprise, but cute. I wouldn't mind seeing Cliff get a bit closer to Buwaro. Poor kid needs some friends and people who care.
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sorry that comment went weird!
Buwaro: Don't you like me any more Thadius
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an interesting twist would be if Thadius landed on the grass.
Buwaro:Don't you like me anymore Thadius?
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mossthewolfHobbyist General Artist
what drawing program do you use?
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I scan pencil sketches and work on them in Adobe Photoshop.
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mossthewolfHobbyist General Artist
how ddo you get such straight lines? I have PS elements and i cant find a line tool
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Are you using a tablet? Here's a tip: it's easier to draw clean lines if you're zoomed in close on a large image. The problem there is that you can't see the whole image when you draw, but newer versions of Photoshop have much better line tracing. I couldn't draw very smoothly when zoomed out when I was using Photoshop 7, but now that I'm using Photoshop CS5 it's a cinch.
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mossthewolfHobbyist General Artist
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enistojaHobbyist General Artist
heh and there he goes, showing his heart of gold under all the jerk xD
I'm surprised Buwy thought of giving Thadius... I seriously didn't expect that.
Cliff's expression in the third to last panel is priceless!
You're not buying me into liking him though >3<
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Hfar Writer
And given the right conditions, she can "attack" too. Thadius is obviously a well trained rock and Cliff is a fool for turning her down!
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Joran-AntillesStudent General Artist
I would have accepted a rock from hell. If only to brag that I had one.
BladeFireCO's avatar
what goes up must come down ^^ Heh heh
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shadow-chameleonStudent Digital Artist
OMA I cant believe he almost gave up thadius, love can do many thingsX3
Furry-Freedom's avatar
I'm really glad that Buwaro didn't try to give the book away.
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Heh. Okay. I was wrong. Poor Thadius, imaginary friends just don't get respect once you have real friends. :p
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I was kinda counting down the time until Buwaro cracked Cliff...
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