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Slightly Damned 389

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Rainbow barf comes back with a vengeance! Well, some kind of barf, anyway. Looks like it came back with everyone's favorite potty mouth, too. See? I really wasn't lying when I said Azurai would be back someday.

Slightly Damned
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how did he get out of hell?
raizy's avatar
The same way Buwaro and Rhea did.
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I just now remembered that a shadowy figure said rynn to rhea in a dream. Moku "rynn"
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SummersBlossomHobbyist Digital Artist
I was curious about the tail when I first saw it but I didn't really think too much into it. Now my suspecions are confimred
WingsofDeath-Damian's avatar
WingsofDeath-DamianHobbyist General Artist
beautifully done! XD
computerfreak's avatar
is that another snaketail? Or are mty eyes playing tricks on me. someone please make things clear for me.
Omega445's avatar
in rheas dream/nightmare and guy in the distance says rynn coyuld it be an unfinished name Moku-rynn
HereForNoReasontoo's avatar
nice job! :clap: looks really good! I never really expected to see another Jakkai..^^; But still, the page looks great!
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DeviantArtist13Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Onoes! It's Rhea's evil brother~ :noes:

lol, but seriously~ I was wondering when we would see some more Jakai~ :meow:
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Zalcoti Digital Artist
That Jakkai has the same color eyes as the two moons... Hmmmmm....

Is there going to be a full body picture drawing of Tsavo in the future? I'd like to draw him someday.
raizy's avatar
Well, there kind of already was one on the previous page. It wouldn't take me long to do a brush picture of him, though.
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McgrnwlfStudent Traditional Artist
more travels w/demons? interesting...
andwhyisit's avatar
Moku = Snake guardian.
Rynn = Dragon guardian.
Mokurynn's egg = WTF?!
Bleu-Dragon's avatar
Bleu-DragonHobbyist Digital Artist
Look at the tail on that Jakai. Reminds me of Rhea. Even the same kind of scowl!
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D-foxStudent General Artist
WildBlackWolf's avatar
Hey wait, isn't it winter still? Jakai coat changes color, no? o-O
andwhyisit's avatar
Winter snows started melting 60 pages ago and finished melting 7 pages later (53 pages ago from now).
WildBlackWolf's avatar
Oh, okay. XD My bad.
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enistojaHobbyist General Artist
I now wonder who killed Rhea and why more than before.

Things are getting serious now!

heheh I bet he's still got the song stuck in his head xD
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SulZalaHobbyist General Artist
Okay, NOW I've got to reread the comic because I have the nagging feeling I missed something. *off to reread*
DragonRider-ofDA's avatar
Holy crap. What happened to my pretty colors! Now everything's all dark and scary D:
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boom08 General Artist
Is it just me, or does this new Jakkai also have an unusually long tail? Could also be my bad eyesight playing tricks on me.
boom08's avatar
boom08 General Artist
Wow. I was not prepared for that. You really know how to work a plot twist. Holy crap!
pyrocajun2704's avatar
Mr. Christmas looks like such a hardened old bastard. I must say, you put the perfect amount of creepy on him, Chu!

And I still love Azurai's retractable claws. :B
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