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Slightly Damned 388

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Before anyone asks: wind Demon, not dragon. Dragon-looking, certainly, but not actually a dragon. I told you the comics in June would be more interesting!

Slightly Damned
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he seems very interested in rheas tail is it because he also knows someone with a long tail :P
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McgrnwlfStudent Traditional Artist
the green dude looks so cool!
GeassDog's avatar
So is he like Sakido?
Tsavo is now my new favorite besides Buwaro X3
PaperMatt202's avatar
I love the new demon, Tsavo! He kind of looks like the demon Kieri's brother and friend were chasing after, only this guy is green, and the one they saw was red.
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TheChibiDesuStudent Traditional Artist
These next pages are gonna be soooo epic
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boom08 General Artist
Interesting plot twist. I'll have to see how this plays out.
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I like the slight change in art style here, and I very much enjoy being able to see her namesake, yes?
Need ta be able to see that tail of hers more often. :3 It's better looking when you draw it long. <3
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I wasn't aware I changed anything.
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Hmm, I don't really know actually. Just looking at this weeks comic after looking at the last three, I thought the style looked a bit different. Not in big way, just sort of.. Bah, I don't know what I'm talking about. :P

Ignore me. XD
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Hrgh, I forgot who Tsavo was.

I need to look this up.
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he gonna follow rhead
the-Jefe's avatar
that is a badass wind demon guy
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masamunemaniacHobbyist Digital Artist
I didn't realise he was opening a door at first; I had no idea why he was talking to himself >_>
Gamefreak3991's avatar
While everyone else bets on Lazuli being in that house, I'm going to put my money on Azurai *crosses fingers and waits for next comic*
sonic-360's avatar
so... the comic will have more plot to it?
raizy's avatar
No mercy, I see.
sonic-360's avatar
love the comic, but could ya throw just a little more funny drama in, is what I ment. Sorry if you took that wrong.
raizy's avatar
"Funny drama"?
sonic-360's avatar
you now... like drama thats funny. he he..he?=)
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Subtlety is their specialty.
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lurilsProfessional Digital Artist
they have twitter in that world, and he is using it, you can see the blue birds lol
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bugbyteProfessional Digital Artist
waggy puppy tail ;o;
WispyBerry's avatar
...wind dragon X3
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HybridProjectAlphaHobbyist Digital Artist
Aw man there's demons everywhere
All up ins
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