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Slightly Damned 370

By raizy
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I don't have much to say about this page. I do think Kieri's expression came out a little melodramatic in the second panel. though.

Slightly Damned</b>
Vote for SD on Top Web Comics - This week's vote incentive covers a small scene that won't be shown in the comic. You better vote to see it, eh? Ehh??
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lol, a lot. :D
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I like the incentive XD Poor Rhea.
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Hehe, good idea
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SanxsasukeHobbyist Artist
lol very very nice
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HybridProjectAlphaHobbyist Digital Artist
Ahh Duster :heart:
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Buwaro fainted!
Mrs. Sinclair used concentrated health potion!
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wheres the knocked out denevol? and i like how raizy drew the lynx is awesome
edgemaster025's avatar
Behind the speech bubble? I dunno.
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KrasudrealHobbyist Writer
Buwaro lives! HE LIVES!

Hehe, it's funny the way that Kiery reacted to Cliff...
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I have to admit, that I too thought something of th potion. I had no idea and thought it was a coloring problm, like it should have been blood. But enough negative comments, I really LOVE this series! Keep up the good work!
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I originally thought the health potion was green drool. But it wasn't. It was a health potion.

What if demons actually did drool green...?
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x--Darkfire2---xHobbyist Traditional Artist
i see what you mean about kieri's expression, but only AFTER you pointed it out in the comments! XD maybe she looks so worried because he keeps giving the impression that he hates buwaro (maybe he does still)...
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I love Duster trying to take the credit for helping Sinclair win.
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But he did help Cliff win.
CassidyPeterson's avatar
Yeah, I realized how poorly I phrased that like two seconds after I posted it.

Trying to make sure everyone KNOWS he helped, is what I should have said.
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LoreMaster01Student Traditional Artist
Well Cliff was only being practical. He certainly has connections, doesn't he?
TheOrichalcumSpider's avatar
I wonder is he knows death
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AllanpikeHobbyist Writer
Good idea get out of there!

... Seraph... need to find out what they are exactly...
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For some strange reason i laughed when she sayd: How many people does he know?
HierroTatsu's avatar
well i'm not exactly sure what you were aiming for (can't type apparently Dx) but to me she seems a little close to expressing some kind of fear..

hmm, if your going for more of a shocked face, maybe if the mouth was wider? o3o :shrug:

that was an awesome fight tho. Hope all of Sinclair's 'people' aren't so aggressive x3;
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Cliff really knows how to say the wrong things to people... Not as much as Rhea, but still.
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ZaehlasHobbyist Writer
I almost freaked and cried "No! Buwaro bleeding green slime! He gonna die!".

Then I saw the vial she was holding, and I stopped my heart attack.
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nuckleheaded Traditional Artist
lol he knows alot of peple! that can be scary!nd very helpful
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