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Slightly Damned 345

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Median fairy tales! Are they real? Are they fiction? Are they tales based on true stories? I will tell you that that entire third row consists of in-jokes, but the panel with the skull refers to the same joke as an earlier SD page. I apologize for nothing.

Oh, and before people ask: ice cream in a fairy tale? Well, remember that this is a world of magic. It was a lot easier to invent MAGIC ice cream.

And yeah, a lot of people saw the beauty and the beast thing coming. But you know, there are a lot of stories with similar themes to that one, so I don't think it's so weird to have a story like that in Medius. You just don't hear about the ones where men (and women!) are cursed to be bears, owls, cats, etc. so often. Anyway, I promise that the next page won't be quite as predictable.

One last thing: do not compliment me on the vectors because I DID NOT USE VECTORS for this page. Why? It's not that I have anything against them; I just don't know how to use them.

Slightly Damned
Vote for SD on Top Web Comics? - Rhea, Buwaro, and Snowy play dress-up for a game I'm currently enjoying.

P.S. Keep people kept asking, the third row explained:
1) A reference to a scene in my friend :iconcallanerial:'s comic, Grayling.
2) The cow is from my friend :iconhobobee:'s comic, Untitled: The Good Life.
3) A reference to a doll in my friend :iconbugbyte:'s comic, Messenger
4) A reference to page 255 of SD. In turn, skulls with pink glitter is an in-joke I share with my friend :iconmisuka:.
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The skull reminds me of those sugar skulls people eat on the Mexican holiday, the Day of the Dead.
Xamrin's avatar
I really love the fair queen thing with the skull and glitter. It's cool when little details come full circle.
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AngiedragonessHobbyist Digital Artist
:iconfaceshovelplz: XDDD
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Ferret-XProfessional General Artist
Of course I'm pretty sure some people think that artwork that has no outlines and lacks shading is what vector art is.
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AllanpikeHobbyist Writer
Rhea, stop iterferring...
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lol, this is awesome! :D
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thatrevmansHobbyist General Artist
*sits and listens* i love stories
GhostKITTEN's avatar
GhostKITTENHobbyist Traditional Artist
Am I gonna read next weeks' comic and think "Beauty and the Beast??" 'cuz right now I'm thinking so.
veiled-shadow's avatar
i'm getting shades of wind waker off of this.

nice work!
Spacial-Palkia's avatar
Who's Ramirez?
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Ooh~, good choice~
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Nice alliteration X3

And I read tons of those people-turned-into-something else stories as a kid (and later). There's a lot of variations to that theme.

Now we know where Rhea picked her name, too - and Ramirez, possibly XD
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enistojaHobbyist General Artist
heheh nice move, Rhea
I like the way you drew the illustration for the stories, it's pretty cool!
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nuckleheaded Traditional Artist
i like storys like that!
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mrsesemesHobbyist Traditional Artist
the monster and the maiden? lol. nice.
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LoreMaster01Student Traditional Artist
Ah, no Fairy Tale suits Buwaro and Kieri more than "Beauty and the Beast". I knew that was the theme for those two! Great play on words. Will this Tale restore Buwaro's hopes? I certainly hope so.
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Hurhur, a story just for those two :iconteheplz:
Sasorioftheblacksand's avatar
Wow, Predictable XD
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KageSoraHobbyist General Artist
Perfect story, Rhea, Pefect Story. :heart:
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oohoo... Sneaky, Rhea. Nice move.
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x--Darkfire2---xHobbyist Traditional Artist
Let's just hope there's plenty more slightly damned to come ^^ keep the good work coming plz!
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I like the pirate story...

Say, will you ever work on these storybook tales after you're done with Slightly Damned? Like J.K. Rowling and The Tales of Beetle the Bard?

Also, The Monster and the Maiden... I'd say it sounds like Beauty and the Beast, but then it would be the Beast and the Beauty, wouldn't it?
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I doubt I'll work on these stories after Slightly Damned. But that's a long, long time from now.
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ShroudofShadowsHobbyist Digital Artist
Wow, I really thought that you used vectors on this. The panels looked so good that you could have fooled me XD. I really like the second and last panels; the paper texture gives them a wonderful effect with the lineless artwork.
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